Thursday, 19 July 2018

Snow Patrol - Empress (Band Version)

Keep Reaching out to hold each other.. It really is that Simple..

This Song has haunted me for several weeks... Listen to the Lyrics..
Much love.

Friday, 5 January 2018

New Year Intentions,

The bells have rung the new year in.
And so our new year resolutions begin.
For this new year one wish do I make.
In the hope that all mankind will partake.

A wish for peace to dwell on earth.
For man’s progression, to learn self worth.
But before there can be peace on distant shores.
We first must make peace, within our own doors.

Lets look at our selves lets look deep within.
Lets start with our families, and bury our pride
At the jealousy we harbour, for brothers and neighbours.
So quick to condemn, yet too proud to ask favours.

We may not have guns that kill, or can maim
Our weapons are words, they wound just the same.
Some words are like daggers, to the ones that are close.
They cut like a knife; they’re the ones that hurt most.

And so my wish to the world, is learn to tolerate.
For anger and hatred will destroy and obliterate.
So let love and harmony be your families song.
Side by side together they mould and make you strong..

In that strength of unity, as a family together.
Like the ripples on a pond, lets hope they spread forever
And so my message is, to give a helping hand.
Then perhaps my wish for Peace
Will Spread across the Land

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Planting Seeds of Thoughts

William Blake,Said
Alexander Graham Bell“that everything that now exists was once imagined,”
Wayne Dyer said.
“So, if you want something to exist, you must first be able to imagine it.”
Each of us have a chance of planting new seeds.. Yet we so often never have the courage to pick them out of our minds to plant them with intention into our reality... Those who do have the courage may see how from their tentative thoughts ideas grew beyond their wildest dreams... I bet Alexander Graham Bell never in his wildest dreams would have thought how his invention would now be in everyone's pocket!.

 But we need to have the courage to take those first steps and plant them.. Like all seeds they take time to germinate, so too with our ideas we often wonder why our wishes are not fulfilled.. All too often we sabotage them before they even begin to grow roots. How?, because we doubt our own capabilities and we say we are far from worthy of success. Telling ourselves we are never lucky.. and its bound to fail.. So we poison the very idea, so the seed withers even before it gets a chance to grow.. Our subconscious mind is an incredible tool, it possess the power to manifest from our thoughts to bring them  into our physical reality.

You only have to take a look around the room you are now in, and see that every thing in it was once someone’s thought, even the paint upon the walls… An idea born, brought into reality from that first seed of an idea.. I have just finished a book the second time in reading it, I think this time its message really hit home. As I see how I have sabotaged many such seeds in the past. 

The Book is called Wishes Fulfilled By Wayne Dyer ‘Thoughts become things when you Feel them’ says Wayne Dyer, In the past I have often experienced frustration, Anger, worry, stress. These I have amplified with my ‘Feelings’ as the frustration of helplessness, or horror at how brutal we can be to one another have overshadowed my thoughts..

We need to reprogrammed ourselves to think differently about ourselves and the World..
dr-wayne-dyer-quote Seeds are sown, every day within our minds.. What sort of seeds are you sowing within your own mind? Which type of thoughts are you cultivating? Wayne Dyer Quote  We are part of the energy being created  every time we read a Newspaper, every time we watch the Media News, Every time we join in Gossip, every time we Judge another. Every time we argue, even with ourselves, We are creating yet more Conflict , more Negative Energy in the World.
Our very thoughts Create…
Let us Create the Future we each wish to Live in..
Have a Brilliant Thought Provoking and Harmonious Week!

Monday, 21 November 2016




What do you see in this Reality?

Do not your eyes view what is real to see?

Can you not touch the tangible fusion?

Or do we gaze into the ethers of illusion,

What trickery mocks us as we take in the lies

Binding our thoughts in roots of indoctrination

Following the herd, bleating like sheep

Held captive, half asleep.

What happened to the land of the Free?

Conform or suffer, or pay the penalty

What is your reality?

Come, let me walk you through the misty vale.

To where this illusion significantly pales

We are magnificent magicians whose thoughts cast their magic

Where all is possible, where to doubt is tragic

Seek and Find, let go of fear

Dance in joy as Light penetrates your sphere

For you have forgotten our Time’s lost spell

As into the abyss of darkness you dwell.

Open your eyes and open your hearts.

Let the Light dispel all dark

Fear nothing, hate less, and embrace ALL

Seek a new illusion before you fall.

Stop following blindly, grasp hold of Love today

Remember your tomorrows, forget your yesterdays

Reach for the memory held high up in the stars

And heal from within, let go of all your scars

Sit in the silence; begin to know who you are

As illusion drifts away revealing Ancient Stars

Your time is but a moment, live each moment well,

For soon the illusion shatters, broken like a spell.

© Sue Dreamwalker  2010-2016
Detach and spend some time in your Quite zones of thought.. Bring in the Peace around you, and know that we are Magnificent BEings who have remarkable powers..
The Power of Thought!
What we Think we Create
We are the ones creating the chaos... So choose to create Peace.. Don't allow yourselves to get caught up within the Fear being put out.. 
Know your time is but a moment, Live each moment well
For soon the Illusion shatters,
Broken like a Spell. 
Enjoy your week 
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Keeper of the Keys

Golden Mean Spiral
Have you ever split open an apple to reveal the Star inside?
Apple Stars
And did you ever begin to wonder about Life? Do you Know about the Flower of Life?, and wonder about how and why it got imprinted into the Pyramids? And did you see the Hieroglyphs  With Helicopters, Planes and Tanks calved within their walls  Click Link to see them.
Did you ever Study Sacred Geometry? and The Golden Mean Spiral?
Did you ever think of the Garden of Eden and the story of Eve..
The Bite of the Apple!..
  Did you ever connect the Dots?
Have you ever search for answers that you will not find in the History Books?…
  Do you want to dig deeper?… Have you really looked close to find your own Answers?
Do you really want to understand about the Real World?
Do you Know who you are?
Where you are From and Where you are Going?
Have you any Idea of what I am talking about?

This was a poem I wrote some time ago..Often I cannot sleep and words often just flow into my mind with no apparent thought and each line that comes I leave as it is there is never hardly any correction added only punctuation if needed ..

Keepers of the Keys

From out of the mists of aeons past
Walk the keeper of the Keys
Holding their secrets locked within time
When all was one and No locks did bind
The Keepers knew our thoughts and held them Free,
For they would speak Telepathically.
We were those Keepers of long ago
But we lost our way-now like sheep we go
Herded into Pen’s of Self
Condemned with Greed and thoughts of Wealth
We travel blindly led by fear
Losing our Roots with the passing of years
Listen now and Listen well
For our Ancestors once more do tell
Its time to open up all our Minds
And discover again the Key and find-
Within yourself a wealth of knowledge
Facts you’ll never find within any collage
Follow not blindly what you are told
Seek and find and soon you’ll behold-
A world you thought was real with fact
Was distorted and tainted,
Look for the Cracks
The Truth is out there, you all have the Key,
Just open your minds,  look and see
Stop bleating your woes, and following the herd
Be Daring, Be Brave, let your voice be heard
Start looking back, trace the flower of Life
Look into the Apple, cut it open with knife
Take a bite, reveal the Real Sin,
Research beyond History, delve and look in
The Keepers return they watch and wait
To see who will awaken and open the gate
We all hold the Key- It’s held in the Mind
Look Beyond what you see
Seek and ye shall find...
© Sue Dreamwalker - 2012 -2015 All rights reserved.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Hallows Eve.


Halloween, where does the word come from? Well in fact Halloween comes from All Hallow Even. The night before All Hallows Day. Therefore Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day.

From 1066 to 1485 there was no evidence that the 31st of October was anything other than the eve of All Saints Day. But that changed in the 19th century right up to the present day, and has been associated with witchcraft and ghostly ghoulish things, so why is that? Halloween was developed from the Celtic Feast of Samhain sometimes spelt Samain or Samuin, pronounced "sow-in", this feast marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter. 

Samhain was the time when the Celts acknowledged the beginning and the ending of all things as they saw the leaves fall from the trees and the coming of the winter. It was a time when they turned to their Goddesses and Gods, seeking to understand the cycles of life and death.. Due to the facts that many people died in the winter, and the people were so dependent on the natural world, they believed that this day the boundary between the living world and the dead opened up gateways. On this day the dead could invade the world of the living and priests would be able to predict the future and talk to the dead more easily. They would dress up and at a large central bonfire pay homage to the Celtic deities, sacrificing animals to the gods. They would also try to tell each other’s fortunes while dressed up in the costumes of animal skins and heads.. 

It was also a time during the coming of winter that the weakest animals were culled and provision was made to store food stuff to see them through the winter. The Celts called upon their ancestors who they thought could help bring guidance and warnings to help them through the winter months. It was a time when the Druids and soothsayers would forecast events for the coming year.. The High Kings of Ireland held feasts that lasted a week for this purpose, and predictions would be forecast of farming patterns, hunting, and Storms and the Moons eclipses. And whether or not the Kings lands would be free from Plotting Neighbours. 

The Celts believed that evil spirits came in the long winter months of darkness and believed that on that night the vale between worlds of the living and those in spirit, were at their weakest. And so therefore would be most likely to be seen on earth. So they built bonfires to frighten the spirits away, and they danced and celebrated around these fires.. The fires were supposed to bring comfort to those souls who were in purgatory and people prayed for them as they burned the piles of straw.. 

Those in Scotland and Ireland where the Celtic influence was more pronounced kept the strongest traditions of burning fires.. In the seventh century, after Christianity had spread into the Celtic lands, Pope Boniface IV designated November 1st as All Saints’ Day, a day to honor saints and martyrs. The celebrations were called All-Hallows or All-Hallowmas and the night before became All-Hallows Eve, eventually becoming our Halloween. And it’s not hard to see that ALL SOULS Day, now practiced on November 2nd is a continuation of the pagan beliefs of Samhain. Interestingly In 1605 in England, the fires were moved to November the 5th ( Bonfire Night ) where the anniversary of the ( Gunpowder plot) was celebrated from the foiled attempt of Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of parliament.

 So Halloween and Bonfire night have a common origin, from pagan times when evil spirits had to be driven away by fire and noise.. So in fact are we on bonfire night still celebrating our ancestor’s pagan Samhain? As we burn the old wood and leaves, and make much noise as we set our fireworks off. Despite it being depicted as a celebration of the saving of the houses of parliament from a foiled Terrorists Plot, I.e. Guy Fawkes.

 Coming back to present day Halloween, wearing costumes comes from both Celtic and European heritage. When immigrants came to America, the tradition continued with a few twists, adding mostly due to the varying beliefs. The merging of separate groups of religion, nationality and even Native American traditions changed the All-Hallows-Eve into more of a party for the harvests of the year and a celebration to honour the dead. Dressing up was thought to make the wearer unrecognizable to the ghosts of the dead. The dead would confuse them with other spirits, and to further protect themselves, people would leave bowls of food outside their doors to appease the ghosts. 

At the turn of the century, 1900, the government and newspapers encouraged people to have more of a celebration and less of the ghoulish and frightening aspects of Halloween. Parades and festivities were encouraged. Sometime between 1920 and 1950 the tradition of trick or treating was revived, thought of as a way for the whole community to share the holiday traditions. 

The tradition of pumpkin carving and Pumpkin Pie came from Native Americans. The Native Americans had a staple food before the first settlers arrived in America, the pumpkin. They got this plant from South and Central America, where seeds have been found dating back thousands of years. The immigrants who arrived soon used the pumpkin in many dishes including one that they would scoop out the seeds and gunk from inside and bake it with milk honey and spices and then eat it, thus the pumpkin pie is born.

 Along with the tradition of the Halloween lantern.. Halloween is only now becoming hugely popular here in the UK. As the traditions of trick or treat have come back overseas from America and the Retail stores have embraced the commercial side of advertising Halloween, selling it to the children. And of course making Money out of it. So the day of Halloween is not about the dead or pranks we pull on other people but about the end of the harvest and the warm part of the year. The remembering and honouring the dead is not done by any one nationality or people, but by many. Most people in one way or another honour and remember the people they loved and knew. Halloween is just a day that we can celebrate the people of the past and help to keep their memories alive.
But just wishing all of you who read my blogs a Happy Halloween....