Friday, 31 December 2010

Another Year Over: A Letter

 To All who come to read.
Another Year Over
Another Year is over, and New One has just begun.
As I look back upon this year I just wonder where it has gone. This year I’ve faced many emotions, each of these making up the basis of our everyday lives as we grow and mature not only as an adult, but also as we grow spiritually.
Throughout my life I’ve had many lessons and while some were harsh others I wouldn’t exchange for one moment. And then I take a second look at the harsh ones, and if I look deep enough into their teachings I would have to admit I would not be the same person I am today if I hadn’t experienced them and gone through those lessons.
Today I had some free time and gave it over to do some meditation, pulling in that silence that brings in such love and peace.
And as I connected to that inner voice within, I was inspired to write. And so here I am with pen in hand, just allowing that pen to flow over the page knowing not what will come next.
And so it is as another year begins neither do we know what will come next. As we wish each other our ‘Happy New Years’ then return to work after the Christmas celebrations many will forget their smiles of good wishes exchanged with strangers, as once again they become drones and slaves to their work routines and financial commitments, as the material world takes its hold over our lives for another year..
For many 2011 will herald in changes some which will be joyous, but for many more much heartache is yet to come..
In November I attended a spiritual workshop  and I was reminded that while it was commendable to bring others along their spiritual path of development. I must not neglect my own.  And I pause here with pen in mid air as I realise how true this is.
Our learning never stops, and we are never too old to learn. And I have so much I still wish to learn.
As I sit in that silent space of thought and look deep within my inner most soul. I understand I am only just beginning to love the skin that I am in. I am only just seeing who I AM.
And while Ive been a daughter, sister, wife, mother friend, aunt and now a grandmother I am only just finding out the sum total of who all these faces are.
Here in that silent space as I breathe deep with eyes closed as I pull in that Divine energy which surrounds us all, I am discovering who I AM.
And as the New Year begins so begins a new adventure as I connect back to ALL that I was, and ALL yet to come. Knowing as I do... That we are ALL ONE..
I am inspired to share with you that it’s important for each of us to connect back to the light within. And to find a space of time to sit in silence with our thoughts- just let go and be.. To breathe in that pure energy of love in which ALL creation is held.
I’m inspired to say to you all who come to read these words, Love yourselves and send that love out unto others and into Mother Nature. For our Earth Mother so needs to feel our love once again, as we have so forgotten our roots, our connection with Nature and Earth. Taking her for granted.
And she reminds us with every passing Season how mighty she is. So as this year ends, let us remember those who gave their lives this year to Natural disasters, in Wars, in famine, through disease or tragedy
Close your eyes with me in one moment of silent thought in sending out your love and energy in remembering them and our loved ones, by sending out your thoughts and adding your own light and remember also to give yourself this coming year some of that tender love to yourselves by including and embracing  yourself in that love.
And let your New Year be filled
With Love.. Light..... and Peace....
 Sue Dreamwalker..   


  1. Interesting as always my friend. I wish your new year with great excitement and insight. Yes I too will remember myself along the way. I always seem to put myself aside for others. May we upkeep and tend to ourselves like a plant and feel ourselves grow.
    Hugs my friend.

  2. Thanks Sue, wishing you all the best for 2011

  3. Dear Dreamwalker, Your words always pull on my heart-strings. Years come and go, but we especially wish for you a double dose of health and happiness topped with loads of love and God's loving care. Wishing you a great year ahead! With love and care from Kerrie and Jaiden. xOx

  4. Learning to love ourselves is sometimes one of our most difficult lessons in life.

    Happy New Year Sue

  5. Lovely post Dreamwalker I wish you a very Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Hugs Sheila xx

  6. This is excellent Dreamwalker! May I add; remembering teachers and honoring them on any occasion will enhance their gifts.
    Thank you for your timely gifts to us dear friend.
    Happy 2011
    love, Eddie