Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rainbow Spiral


Rainbow Spiral
Lifting my thoughts through the misty gray
I close my eyes breathing in this day
I watch as the leaves whip up and swirl
Caught in the wind as they scatter and hurl.

I sigh inwards as outwards I gaze
Projecting my thoughts through the gray misty haze
A sky so sullen as it cries yet more tears
As my thought they go backwards through Aeons of years

To the time when I knew you and you held me so tight
When the skies held such promise of love and pure light
I remember it well when thought worked its best
Where within crystals caverns we roamed with the rest.

Deep in the vale we spun threads with our minds
Where beauty and nature lived free with mankind
We flew over rainbows and dived in the sea
Creating a window in creativity

Our lights danced with the fire flies that glow in the night
And your love held me warm as I bathed in your light
And now as I plummet back down to this earth
As the negative seas wash us before our rebirth

I hold out my heart as you grasp tight its beat
For my love is united as once more we greet
You followed me down past the spiral of stars
As you hurtled past Venus and flew over Mars

For such was a love no time could hold back
For now I'm home and there is nothing I lack
For your Light is the pure pleasure I seek
At last in our rapture no slave to the meek

We spin now together in the foam of the swell
And our ocean runs deep as forever we dwell
Returning to Light in the consciousness heart
Forever together never to part.
© Dreamwalker  2011 All rights reserved.


  1. I felt myself drifting along reading this Dreamwalker, so beautiful. Hugs Sheila xx

  2. Thank you Sheila, I am pleased you were lifted to that higher place Hugs xx

  3. Beautiful words dear Dreamwalker.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  4. I can hear music when I'm reading your poems, Dreamwalke ... thank you ... Love, cat.

  5. Hello Dreamwalker, I know it has been a long time between visits. Please forgive me. Although absent from here, you are never forgotten. I hope you and the family are keeping well, and that Grand-baby of your is happy and healthy. JL is being bullied at school and having a lot of problems coping with this... Me too! Well I must go now, but it's always good to visit you. Much love to you and 'B'. Blessings, Kerrie. xOx

  6. have not been able to leave comments with Blogger friends since updating to IE 9. decided that friends are more important than keeping up with latest innovations. now returned to IE 8 and able to leave comments here...love

  7. Rainbow Spiral ... hmmm, interesting food for thought, I have been thinking about spirals and circles a lot lately ... thank you, love, cat.

  8. Hope you had a very Happy Mother's Day yesterday!!!

  9. Hello my sweet friend!
    Thank you for visiting me.
    Wishing you a nice week!
    Take care. Hugs Ann

  10. "Forever together, never to part" ... Hmmm, still patiently waiting for that ... Thanks for your beautiful poetry, Dreamwalker, and the music your poetry brings to my ears ... It makes every day a bit easier ... Be well, my friend. Love, cat

  11. Thank you Cat and I have to get to get on here more and post... love to you too..

  12. Hi Dreamwalker thank you for your visit , it's days like that I will remember with a smile. Hope all is well and your work is doing ok, at the moment the sunshine is out. So will crack on with the garden shortly. I see you have lots of little seed trays coming along . Hugs Sheila x