Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Problems with Blogger account.

Every time I try to leave a comment upon friends pages Blogger knocks me off to sign in again.. I can try 10 times to make one comment.. so Friends you will find me now based here At Wordpress.

I Hope you are all well.. And thank you all for your comments that you have left me. I can access to publish them no problems but to return your comments or visit your blogs I am constantly frozen out..

So wishing you all Well in Blogger Land.. here...   Dreamwalker xx


  1. Hi Sue, Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with Blogger. I'm following you here and over at WordPress. Catch ya later. Hope your day brings you joy and goodness. ~ Kerrie

  2. ... glad to hear from you, Sue ... be well ... be in touch ... I know, I will ... Love, cat.

  3. Greetings again, Sue ... hopefully you are doing well ... don't give up on blogger, ... most of all don't forget about us Blogger bloggers, eh? :)

  4. So true. And so heartwarming to realise that the circle of people who are beginning to want to understand more about where we fit in ,is increasing. Loved reading this Sue:-)