Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hollow is the Mind

Hollow is the mind as you shut out the night
Images drift in as visions across the screen as you fight
The torments of a soul suspended within the illusion
As you twist and turn in the jungle of confusion
Darts of blame
Spears of flames
Arrows of truth piercing the layers
As they burn into your soul, sending out prayers
To all who would listen
Hark, Hear that? As tears glisten
Rolling down, they fall through time
Tasting their salty brine
The silence echoes back across the void
What is this world in which we’ve toyed?
This Garden of Eden in which we play
Why do we destroy and cause so much dismay?
The Visions erupt clear and sharp
Each one like a new thrown dart
You erase them, scrubbing them clean
Your mind the blackboard...... the screen
You take up the chalk and in Big Letters you write
There is only one answer for this world ..
A common theme, a running thread
To pull together all pounding in my head
Nations against nation Man against Beast
I see it all as the story is unleashed
And as the Hollow is filled with thought
The restless mind in-between Worlds is caught
Seeing the Visions of Natures wrath
And all who will suffer along her path
Is it any wonder as I twist and turn
The Visions of our future are of Peace I yearn
So close your eyes- close them tight
Hollow is the mind as you shut out the night.

©  Dreamwalker - 2012 All rights reserved.

The above poem I wrote after tossing and turning one night and as I always keep a journal at my bedside I often write my poems in the middle of a sleepless night. While I endeavour to try to keep my mind as positive as possible, when we enter that zone of quiet time in-between waking and sleep, I often see then various visions play out across the screen of my mind. While some of these are I know are Dreams, often too I have had what I call a ‘Window’ open in front of me on the wall, and I am shown images within these screens which are so vivid I recall them in every detail.. These I call my Visions, for they are so much more than a dream.. At other times I am pulled backwards as if up and through myself as I travelled through the ceiling and was pulled into the cosmos as I viewed the planets and stars and I was then shown Earth. Sometimes I am shown images which I feel are yet to come, While some are pleasant others are far from it.   And some of these are what I wrote about within this poem. As I wished my mind would not see and be Hallow and empty. © Dreamwalker 2012 All rights reserved.


  1. You are truly gifted Dreamwalker .
    Thank you for sharing this
    Sheila xx

    1. Thank you Sheila, so great to see you here... Love to you my friend xx Sue x

  2. I think that is quite common amongst all artists to have inspiration come to them during sleep or when they are just drifting off to sleep. The mind is usually in a state of rest and perhaps it is the unconscious mind that speaks to us.

    Your poem clearly projects how the heart feels about what is going on in this world.

    I happen to love rhyme and yours is a masterful poem of appocolyptic credence.

    I am never disappointed when I visit you Dreamwalker.

    Wishing you many blessings on the upcoming Christmas season.

    love and peace to you and your family.

    hugs and blessings

    1. Sharon, forgive the late reply, thank you so very much for your compliment comment, Yes I wrote this poem some time back and it pretty much describes what is happening around the world.. Lovely to see you in person here with your logo, And thank you for your Christmas wishes. The Seasons have truly flown this year, My wish is that the Season of Goodwill will last throughout all of next year..
      Sending you and yours Peace and love also...
      Blessings to you

  3. Lovely and true thoughts, that propell me forward ... O, my lovely sister in spirit ... if we ever meet, we would have so much to talk ... and be silent about ... what a precious dream ... Thank you, Love, cat.

    1. Cat, I cannot tell you my dear friend how great it is to see you here, and oh what I wouldn't give to meet with you and talk all night and just spend time in silence contemplation ... what a wonderful day that would be..And what a precious Dream! Im Dreaming! :-)
      Love to you and Bless you Cat.. xox

  4. I just could not let this day go by without stopping by to bring you good cheer & best wishes this holiday season, from me to you. Wishing you the joy of family, the gift of friends, and the best of everything in 2013. Seasons Greetings my friend. May your holidays be merry and bright!

    1. I thank you for those well wishes my friend... I wish that 2013 bring you and yours many Bright Blessings your way so that all your goals and wishes may be fulfilled..

  5. This art you find is so beautiful! I'm really enjoying it!

    1. Hi Bekkie sorry didn't get back to you. Away from Pc at moment so doing this via mobile which is so tiny and a nightmare to read lol. I know since WL closed we transfered to WP I've heard lots of IDs sTolen so sorry about the probs you have had. Hope to visit you soon. Love DreamwalkerX