Monday, 21 November 2016




What do you see in this Reality?

Do not your eyes view what is real to see?

Can you not touch the tangible fusion?

Or do we gaze into the ethers of illusion,

What trickery mocks us as we take in the lies

Binding our thoughts in roots of indoctrination

Following the herd, bleating like sheep

Held captive, half asleep.

What happened to the land of the Free?

Conform or suffer, or pay the penalty

What is your reality?

Come, let me walk you through the misty vale.

To where this illusion significantly pales

We are magnificent magicians whose thoughts cast their magic

Where all is possible, where to doubt is tragic

Seek and Find, let go of fear

Dance in joy as Light penetrates your sphere

For you have forgotten our Time’s lost spell

As into the abyss of darkness you dwell.

Open your eyes and open your hearts.

Let the Light dispel all dark

Fear nothing, hate less, and embrace ALL

Seek a new illusion before you fall.

Stop following blindly, grasp hold of Love today

Remember your tomorrows, forget your yesterdays

Reach for the memory held high up in the stars

And heal from within, let go of all your scars

Sit in the silence; begin to know who you are

As illusion drifts away revealing Ancient Stars

Your time is but a moment, live each moment well,

For soon the illusion shatters, broken like a spell.

© Sue Dreamwalker  2010-2016
Detach and spend some time in your Quite zones of thought.. Bring in the Peace around you, and know that we are Magnificent BEings who have remarkable powers..
The Power of Thought!
What we Think we Create
We are the ones creating the chaos... So choose to create Peace.. Don't allow yourselves to get caught up within the Fear being put out.. 
Know your time is but a moment, Live each moment well
For soon the Illusion shatters,
Broken like a Spell. 
Enjoy your week 
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  1. "Binding our thoughts in roots of indoctrination
    Following the herd, bleating like sheep
    Held captive, half asleep." ... hopefully we humans will learn in time, hmmm?, friend Sue ...
    I had 3 sheep once (bleating for hours to be let out of the predicament of being caught) standing in front of an imaginary fence I drew for them on a piece of cart board ... their names were Minnie, Molly and Mona, and as true herd animals do, they followed my daughter Mary everywhere ... Mary had a little lamb ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. Thank you dear Cat.. I thought it time I updated this blog lol and I so thank you for being here the first.. Love Minnie, Molly and Mona..
      Sending Love and some Baaaaarrrrhs back.. or should that be meow's Big hugs my soul sister xx

    2. ... just thinking of U, friend ... everything good? Love, cat.

    3. U don't come here often, do U, friend Sue ... anyway ... happy spring ... Love, cat.

    4. Hi Cat.. No, I should shouldn't it.. I have altered my email alert address so I should get responses sooner. As they got mixed in all the WordPress replies.. Good to see you Cat. xxx

  2. very encouraging !!! Thanks dear !!

    1. Thank you dear Currie... Hope all is well with you my friend.. sending thoughts your way xx