Monday, 17 January 2011


The Little Folk
The woods were silent as the shadows fell.
Broken only by the pheasants cry a warning to tell
My footsteps in rhythm paced out their steps
As deeper I walked and the coldness it crept.

The ivy it clung to the trunks of the tree
Along with the frost, now my breath you can see
My heart was a pounding and rushed in my ears
As I breathed in the woodland her essence brought tears

Then out from its depth came a little old man
With a long beard of white from the Little Folks Clan
With bell on his hat and a spring in his step
He told me it was no coincidence we’d met

He spoke of the times in the summers of blue
He’d watched me walk among the flowers in dew
And how he would sit unseen by my tree
And meditate with me and it filled him with glee

I said ‘Why haven’t  I seen you before?’
“Why because now you are ready to open that door,
We have to be sure of your life’s good intent,
And to answer your questions the chief Elf me sent ..

We hold this woodland in sacred revere
And so too we know you hold these trees dear
We listen to your heart as it pours out its song
And so we give you our message for which you do long

It’s time that you Humans took stock of your lives
For all we are hearing are pitiful cries
When do you honour your land and your Seas?
Only when you do will you see the likes of me.

We are the guardians the Nymphs and the Sprites
Leprechauns and Fairies that hide from your sight
We’re busily working to help heal your land.
Now I’ve come to help you and hold out my hand.”

So I held out my hand to this lovely old Elf
And was whisked through the air to be all by myself.
To find myself sat with my back to my tree
With memories of the one who was once filled with glee

I gave a wide smile as I opened my eyes
And got up from my tree and gave thank to the skies
For no longer were they dark with shadows and gloom
But my heart gave a skip as I danced back  on home

So when you next go and walk in the wood
Be sure to take note , that your intent is good
And you never know as you lean on a tree
Just when the Little Folk will let  you see..

© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.


  1. This is Lovely Dreamwalker and wise words the little Elf. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Oh those 'Little Folk' such wise ones indeed! They share the knowledge connecting us all. Finding hearts open is their task and real it is for uncommon the person on this exceptional journey.

    Love this Dreamwalker and of coarse it set me, Eddie

  3. Thank you Both of you for your comments Yes those little people are there if we chose to see. :-)

  4. Dreamwalker I was amazed to see that I used the same wallpaper for my blogspot as you did for this blog! I got mine at Coveriod, where did you get yours? No wonder you liked my blogspot! Lmao! Thank you for the kind comments and I'm glad we are getting to know each other! It's Friday and the weekend's here so have a great one! Luv ya! ♥