Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Shine Your Light.
From time to time along our way
We need to speak and have our say
In order that the lights do shine
Other people we need to remind.
Of all the folk whose lights are dim
Where struggle is hard and life is grim
They need to see beyond their walls
That many more in darkness toils.
The little beggar boy on street.....
In India who has no feet
In Africa  where wars still rage
And children starve with wide eyed gaze.
Where hope is lost and villages run
From evil men with drugs and guns
Yes time to time along the way
We need to speak and have our say.
Of Shanty towns and orphan waifs
The suffering is endless case by case.
I could go on and list some more
But maybe you would shut the door
As in your bubble you nicely live
You need to see you need to give.
If not your money then add your light
Open your hearts and see their plights
Look further than the end of your nose
And my words will count as poem I pose
If just one who reads my lines
Opens your hearts and let it shine...
Upon all those who are less fortunate than you
Your light will brighten the Worlds dim view
So dare to step outside your walls
And lift the darkness from serpent coils
Compassionate thoughts will add their swell
So come on give generously
Open your hearts see what I see
For when enough of us really awake
A better land then awaits
Where all are one and all are free
All I ask is
Shine your Light
With me.
© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.


  1. you shine far beyond you realize with all these inspire writings ~ TKX!!!!