Saturday, 30 October 2010



Butterfly, Butterfly, Dancing on the breeze
You flit through the heavens, and among the trees
You fly through the air, like a leaf upon the wind,
Tumbling and turning, beating your soft wings

The meadow is your haven, with flowers of nectar sweet,
I watch you fly to heaven, while I sit upon my seat.
Your message of transformation, as I let go of old
And I watch your new freedom as I ask to be bold

My sorrows held within me, as again I give a sigh
You hypnotise me with your beauty, as you fly on by
You whisper in my ear, to trust in all that’s good
For your lifespan is so precious, so live it as we should

You never waste a moment, searching for your mate
For time for you is limited, yet here I hesitate.
Teach me to trust and let myself fly free
And push away the dark clouds, and let myself be me

The Daisies are many, gathered all around
Each one pure perfection, pushing through the ground
They nod their heads together, all in unison
Their fragrance on the wind, smiling at the Sun.

Nature at her best, she neither worries nor does toil
She just keeps on growing, and pushing through the soil.
And even when the ground is hard with all the frost
The flowers push on upwards, and nothing is ever lost.

And so my Butterfly, as at last you’re flying free...
Of caterpillar’s drudgery, of munching under tree
I know you hold a lesson for all of us to share
Your wings are made in heaven and are beyond compare.

And when we see your beauty, we’re reminded of all good.
How each can transform our lives, learning how to love.
So flit around the world, and spread your love and light.
For when I see you on my path.. Then I know I’m alright.
By  Dreamwalker.
©  Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

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  1. This is Beautiful Dreamwalker, I have a little cacoon under my old bird stand. It is a work of art yellow with a soft net surrounding it. I often wonder what it will turn into.
    Hugs Sheilax