Saturday, 2 October 2010



When that moment arrives we all at some point reach a stage where we sit still and ask the inevitable question..
For some of us the time may be too late, for others the times has come, and the opportunity to seize this has passed, alas it is however never too late, for there is never any better time than NOW..
When this time comes, it will be with trepidation a realization that for all the materialism in this world there is a greater need, a need to fulfilment a need to be oneself…
The trepidation is the newness of experience, a time when all that you are becomes self evident, all you know is made clear and the picture you paint all through your life becomes who you are, therefore, we are all a part of something bigger, a part of a grander place that reveals itself through our actions, in what we do, for love is nothing, if we do nothing with that love. the realization is that unfolds before you is the beginning, a time when you may view the self with difference, a time when everything you have learned and understood comes together and starts to make resounding sense, or in part make your journey one of meaning.  


  1. Yes I think we are all just a very small speck which fits into something larger. As a whole we don't always shine, but some individuals always do and you are definitely one of them will your caring attitude.
    Hugs Lady J

  2. Thank you Lady Jude... I count you among those shining Stars too... x

  3. Beautiful poem. I love the picture on your blog design!

  4. This is so beauitful and very true..I am so glad I found it.. hope you are well hun.Big Hugs to you.

  5. So very Beautiful Dreamwalker and so true. xx