Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Mask

The Mask

The Mask..

Alone now with thoughts so deep
The mask she lets slip her eyes does weep.
Her sorrow shows, her head she bows
With memories of love that knew no bounds.
By day her life she tries to fill

At night she roams, and feels the chill
Of Moonlight shadows by a church
Her heart does race, it gives a lurch
She sees her name it’s etched in stone
As through the vale of mist she roams
She knows not where to lay her head
She knows not, that she is dead
But haunts the place, where she were Wed.
Her lover now no longer found
She haunts the Woods she cries out loud
Oh where oh where
The Mask she wears is from the Ball
Where she did dance within the Hall
Where she once laughed and Sang with glee
And on that fateful night did flee.

She thought her love would keep her warm
Until that night, of memories scorn
She ran in fear into the wood
Upon where she fell in pool of Blood.
Oh where oh where

 By Dreamwalker

©  Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.


  1. Wishing All who visit A Happy Halloween

  2. Happy Halloween to you Dreamwalker. Actually I watched a scary Halloween movie on T.V last night that was about a psychopath killer who wore masks, your poem has reminded me of the movie.

  3. Happy Halloween Dreamwalker
    Take care