Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remember Them


Remember Them.
Remember them of yesterday..
Remember them that fell today,
Remember them in faraway lands
Remember them for they too had plans
Remember Them...
Remember the old soldiers of World war one..
The Great War to end all wars that was won..
Remember too all the battles that still rage
As History turns yet another page..
Remember them..
Remember too all who serve,
With medals adorned and well deserved.
The medics who brave their lives to retrieve
Those brave soldiers who too they grieve
Remember them.

Remember all those who are serving in our armed forces where ever they may be in this world.. Remember those that have been killed, those who have horrific injuries and those loved ones who are left behind to pick up the pieces of life.. Remember the children who have lost their parents.
And all those caught up in the Wars that still Rage around our Globe.

1 comment:

  1. I've always disliked the suffering of what war brings, but I'm grateful that they all served our countries well.