Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lonely Winds of Time.


Lonely Winds..

The wind it howls though my mind
As it rushes through the window pane
Gaps of thought entwined with yours
Of lonely hearts drumming on the door
To let me in, and know..
That all is safe despite the din.
As yet another night begins the lonely thoughts.
But as the wind it gathers strength and beats
Relentless howling to come in.
You are there within my mind,
I see the shadow as you shine
Your thoughts entwine within my mind
No longer now alone am I,
For like the wind you echo wild
Reverberating around the room,
Clearing the mists no longer gloom
As together we shall be..
Joined in breath in winds of past
Forging ahead in mighty blast
We shed the yoke of burdens carried
Too long we’ve wasted and tarried
Within the room of lonely thought
Where winds did howl and screech and tare
For now my love there’s no compare
As winds of thoughts you reach my mind
And loneliness I no longer find
As you entwine your thoughts with mine..

© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.


  1. Lovely poem Dreamwalker and yes it is who you think it is LOL. I think if you scroll down my blog page that is a give away. Lovely layout here I try and make them different wordpress and blogspot. Thank you for finding me oh I found you first I see. Hugs Sheilax

  2. Beautiful, Dreamwalker. Just returned from Spain, so catching up on Blogs.

  3. Hi Sue, I hope this finds you keeping well! We think about you all the time. I have tried many times to find you over at Word Press, but once I transferred all my blogs over to Blogger from WLS, I deleted my space and with that went all my contacts. I was silly and didn't bookmark your Word Press site. I still have the link to windows live, but it won't take me over to you at word press because of your privacy settings. I was trying to think who we knew in common. Romeo (Robert) I could see his space but couldn't see any new comments from you to get to yours. Anways, I hope you get this message soon. We have a Christmas card on the way and we are thinking of you and 'B' and family, and wondering about your new baby grandchild. Take good care of yourselves. Love and care, Kerrie. xOx