Thursday, 18 November 2010

We each need to think Positive..


Concentrate On The Positive.

Have any of you ever just taken too much on?
When your Mind is a whirl, and you’ve no Concentration.
This week’s been like that, with my head in a spin
Taking three steps forward, and four back again.

Pressures of my job which have left me kind of low
And a person who did deal me a heck of a blow.
My mind which is usually so active and alert
Instead I’ve been so drained, despondent and hurt.

I know it will pass when I get my brain in gear,
I just need to Concentrate and be more positive this year.
What lessons do I need to learn from this episode?
I need to be dispassionate, care less I am told.

But when you have a heart that embraces all with love
It’s difficult to separate, switch off from all the above.
Reports I’ve had to fill and meetings to attend
And I’ve called upon my Angels, broken hearts to mend.

I’m hoping that this brain between my ears can rest
Because I know I’ve tried my very, very, best.
But it still doesn’t take away the sadness or the pain.
And it will not stop me trying to reach out to them again.

But here I am so easily falling into that old trap-
Of negative thought, so I’d better call it a wrap!
For many blessings do I have in my wonderful life
I must Concentrate on these, not the moments of strife.

Tomorrow when I wake, these thoughts will seem blur.
And I’ll Concentrate on love and Happiness will occur.
The ramblings of a mind at two am is sad,
But my Angels are listening of that I’m very glad.

They tell me to Concentrate upon the Positive and Good,
Remembering All are embraced and protected with their Love.
So with my final thoughts, I’ll say a prayer to mend.
And with all my blessings to everyone I send.
By Sue Dreamwalker
© Sue Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.


  1. There a saying i cant remember it all, but it along the line of

    " leave yesterday where it belong, step forward into tomorrow, with a smile on your face"

    I hope you have a good restful weekend Sue
    Take care

  2. This tells me that you reached out to help some one , but they have not quite responded well to that help. Dreamwalker. To carry someone's heavy burden to make them feel strong you have given your time and love and support.
    Postive thinking is the only way up for you or to this peom.
    Many blessing and enjoy a new day it has a lot to offer a person such as yourself.
    Hugs Sheila x

  3. We all have our dark thoughts and need to shake it off, or so to speak. Insecurities I find bring a bout on with me or I've had a really bad day and others are being to demanding on me and not in a positive manner then I go into the I've had enough mode.

  4. Dreamwalker dear friend I know exactly how you feel...this is why it has taken days to respond to your blog...what goes up must come down?? mind in a whirl, difficulty in focusing, unable to concentrate; is it the intense full moon energy? changing times; from the inside out...being remodeled for the future; and that future is NOW!
    love, (yes! love that eternal force!)