Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life.

Here I sit within the Garden of my mind
Sifting through thoughts to what I might find
The Ancient Secrets~ long lost, now found
Of a Shackled past we’ve been held in and bound.
I now lift the veil, and what do I see?
A history wrapped up deceptively
Secrets withheld, and knowledge bound tight
An illusion of Truth, so we learn how to fight
I look to the sky, to see a trailing maze
As aircraft pollute, leaving Chemtrails of haze
An Ozone that’s gone, And Oceans that Die,
As Astronauts build Space Stations in the sky
A New child is born its hunger unheard
Land turns to Dust, and the heat is absurd
I sift through the data, throwing much out
And that’s when I heard the Flower of Life shout.
Building blocks of nature we can no longer ignore
And yet still Science closes its doors
The facts are before you, you just need to look
Open your eyes
Come people Look!
We’re in this together, you’re suffering is mine
The sooner you see that, the sooner you’ll find
Break Free your Shackles
Awake to the
©  Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.


  1. Every word here is true Dreamwalker I enjoyed this I felt every word. I feel these words deep in my heart Thank you Take care Sheila xx

  2. OM
    the veil is lifting
    what is desired?
    emptiness from all

  3. will there be any flower left one day?!!!!!

  4. Hello I am following you will return to read some more. I am Raven aka Leyla ;)
    You have a beautiful space here. See you soon.

  5. You have opened your God given TAGS(talents, abilities, gifts and skills) for all to enjoy and be inspired. To realize our purpose by focusing on the small beautiful and simple things rather looking to long upon the ugly, big and complex things of life. God is simple. He is love.
    Life is Love and Love is God.Its that simple!

    Reading this I believe we are suppose to share our gifts in unity. I love your site and I am inspired by your wellspring of truth. Blessings from my heart to yours. Thank you for stopping by my God inspired site. Glory to our Heavenly Father.