Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Time Has almost Run Out

Time has all but run out

Time Has All But Run Out

Time has all but run through the hour glass,
The Sand has all but trickled to an end
Faces on the clocks of different zones
Ticking, Ticking,
Calling us home.
Cracked Earth, parched souls,
Empty pockets, hollow hearts
Crying rivers, flooded Tears
Feeling Separate,
Through Aeons of years
Waking to the Bell of Alarm
Ticking minutes upon your left arm
Ruled by Time a day goes by
Head bent in work and Sighs
Wishing Days and weeks would Fly
Then wondering where was time spent
As Sand did trickled on
And Days did turn
While Man and Woman Yearn
We have much to learn
Time is almost Done
Before A life has begun
As new-born cries
We shower pollution
From our Skies

(C) Dreamwalker


  1. it's sad to see the world is full of pollutants floating in the air ~ some harming us physically , some mentally.....

  2. Sad but true...time is moving on and we fall behind by our own apathy. There must be an awakening to the connectivity of all.
    Wonderful poem...deep.
    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment.
    Warm feathery :)