Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ocean Of Love

Our Love is like an Ocean as deep as it can be
Waves crashing to the shore, I love you, can’t you see
The spray of salty droplets like diamonds on your skin
The rhythm of your breathing as I sigh and let you in
Caressing every curvature, hugging coastline sand
Melting sandcastles, built by your own hand
Your name I write over and over on the shore
Surrounded by the shells that you found which I adore
The Sun is welcoming us as we enjoy another day.
We laugh and we frolic, among the waves and spray
We move with the tide that has its ebb and flow
And I dive with the Dolphin, as in ecstasy let go..
The whale too will sing you my lover’s tune
As we float among the stars by the light of Silver Moon
So remember well my love, as you watch the waves at play
For my love is like the Ocean and its sent to you this day..
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    Art credit: "At Sunset", by Jim Warren.