Friday, 14 September 2012

A Poem~ Walking Amidst the Shadows


Walking Amidst the Shadows

I walk in the darkness among the trees of life
Alone with my thoughts I reach out amidst the strife
Of a mind caught between worlds of tormented desire
They crackle and flash like the flames in the fire

The sparks that ignite me float to diminish
And the shadows dance backwards to a time when we’re finished
To a time beyond this Earth realm where our souls
 once flew free
To an age of timelessness where no dark would we see

Yet now I walk in the field of my dream
The Shadows creep up and hide amid the trees
For the knowledge we once knew is still bound inside
Waiting to awaken the whole of Mankind.

We need to release the jealousies of hate
And open our hearts, let open up those gates
To release the burdens we place needlessly on guilt
Let go of the shadows, let the love-light be built.

Hold it close heal all you see
Stop the judgement and negativity
Walk a path to truth of who I am
And be content within the Universal Plan.

Be bold, be brave, stop being so naive
Live life in love, so shall you give and receive
Cast your Light and drive the shadows out
Be not afraid of the flame as you shout—
To a world the truth who long ago forgot

Walk in the dawn of conscious thought
Listen to your heart to the battles it has fought
 As I now walk, my path becomes clear
I hold the light, be true and sincere

For each of us journey to a land made of Dreams
Each holds the thread as we stretch at the seams
As the Stars keep on falling sending us the Signs
Mankind is a spec within Cosmic Designs

As for me in my forest of shade
I give thanks to my shadows for the strength that
 they gave
For without their darkness no light would exist
And my journey on Earth is well worth the risk
For to progress on home the flames sometimes scorch

So let not the shadows hang low where you are
Reach out and take heart, for the Light is our Star..

By Dreamwalker


  1. Good morning Dreamwalker,

    Your thoughts touched my heart this morning.
    Once again we share the same sentiments to all
    those who would listen.

    Words of light induce compassion and love
    and always touch the hearts of those who
    remain open like petals, reaching for the sun.

    The poem is magnificent and I am so fortunate
    that I was here to catch this post this morning.

    It is my blessing for today.

    We must never fear the truth
    for it casts only light upon each shadow.

    Absolutely beautiful.

    blessings of light and love to you
    dear sister of my heart.


  2. Bravo! Brilliantly written. Walking is really helpful to your mental state. I find when I wake up on my days off from a hectic schedule, I can be a little disoriented. Just going for a walk first thing, turns the world right side up, again. The acting of slowing down and taking my time to get someplace is nice. I also like taking walks that go nowhere, like around my neighbourhood or something. And I never have anything playing in my ears like my ipod or have my cell phone on me. That kind of defeats the purpose of taking a break to enjoy my surroundings.

    None the less.. a walk is the perfect time to think about things... contemplate my choices... slow down and just get away from the rate race for a while.

    1. Thank you~
      Yes if I walk I need only the sounds of nature to keep me company... Slowing down an connecting with nature re-energies us again ... Thank you for taking the time to comment my friend :-)