Friday, 28 September 2012

Cycles of Time ~Earth Changes

The Cycles of Time. ( Earth Changes)
Sometimes I liken myself to a sponge ..I lap up information especially spiritual in nature and I absorb that which resonates with me, and I expel that which doesn't . Many years ago I read books that I obviously wasn't ready to absorb  as I fought to come to grips with their content, thinking them far-fetched and fiction like in their channelled information..
Now in my more mature years I have revisited them and once again I have become that sponge and retained their words and messages.. As they open up yet more Questions.
Once such book I read over 20 yrs ago, called ‘EARTH Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library’.. By Barbara Marciniak.  Barbara also wrote a bestseller called BRINGERS OF THE DAWN, which she channelled through trance. Which you can listen and find on You Tube..
At the time of reading I thought much was fiction, and yet as time and years have progressed and I have put the pieces together of other authors and many have been given similar information regarding Earth and the forthcoming changes of the Planet and the Evolution of the Human Species on her surface..   Plus my own journey along the Spiritual path has led me to many of my own truths and discoveries through my own development through trance states to understand that this Earth is far more than any of us realise.
As we approach the ending of the Mayan Calendar, 2012, we are told that this is the ending of a 26,000 year cycle. We are all ruled by these cycles and rhythms if you doubt this, you have only to look at the Moon, and her effects upon our Ocean Tides and women have their Monthly cycles. The Moon in its orbit around our Earth we would watch as time past with the seasons. But with the introduction of Electricity, people began functioning with Light after the Sun went down, and we had our 24hour Day.
Our perception of time now is speeding up and all of us have, or are feeling these effects, And in our modern era with Computers and the splitting of the second, and the massive boom we now have in technology, there are many energies around in our daily lives enticing us to reinterpret our beliefs in this reality..
I hear many people now saying,  ‘I don’t have enough time’.  People rush about with their eyes upon the clock. And yet I can literally loose hours and think that only a few moments have passed if I get absorbed in something I love doing.. So Time is only perception.. And cannot be measured.
Time is collapsing, and as it does, new ideas inventions and psyche is bombarding our planet. And collectively our planet is starting to resonate at a higher rate of intelligence and responsibility, as it holds our collective thought patterns..
More and more are now becoming ‘Enlightened beings’ and are wanting to change the way the World as a whole seems to be heading, as we see that in many places it reeks in corruption, none more so as within our governing bodies.
What has all this to do with the Book I read all those years ago you may ask?
Well within its pages it said that the Mayans were Day Keepers, Keepers of Time,  and they were associated with the Pleiades System, and were masters of going in and out of ‘Time’ events, and masters of Time Locks.. Time Locks it said was what kept our consciousness from perceiving simultaneous time.  The Egyptians, Incas, and Native Americans also laid down groundwork each playing a part to open up ‘Time-Locked Events’ that are ready to open up before us now.  These cycles of time are based upon the cosmic doorways of the Earth’s cycles with the Sun Moon and planets within our solar system which has effects upon our electromagnetic body.. Now 20 yrs later I understand that electromagnetic body much more. And so what I dismissed then, I understand more fully now.
The purpose of the Mayan was to establish a Paradigm shift for the future, The Mayan Calendar precisely indicates the cycles of the heavens and hells. The Mayan knew their day of departure and prepared for it. From their point of view they were transported to another Physical Dimensions.
There are many gridworks around our globe, ley lines of energy, and as these gridworks are shifted and moved they create different energies. When these grids are moved we can then pass through portals. These portals are all over our World, such as The Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, Lake Titicaca, Mount Shasta, and more.
Many now are perceiving these different energies in Dream states and in their waking reality, and as the  influence of the Moon, at this time of powerful Cosmic rays are crossing Space as Photonic waves which are also having effects  upon the Human race..
Some are finding that their psychic abilities are opening, as they become ‘Enlightened’ while others who can’t cope with these energies are affected by mania and craziness. And others are taking their exit from this realm. With increased suicides.. and in natural disasters, as the Earth cleanses preparing for these changes.
We are now being told about the Solar flares, which send out massive amounts of Gammer Rays, as the rays from the Sun change, so too will the Polar caps of out Earth melt.. And no amount of Green taxes is ever going to stop this happening..  As this is a natural occurrence of Evolution...This is just another way in which our governing bodies get richer and richer via taxation. And they have to know the scientific facts better than we the common man.
Within the pages of this book 20 yrs ago, Barbara channelled information from the Pleiades that our Poles were going to relocate, so they could catch more energy as the planets came into alignment, thus creating a lightening rod through the Earth, as the current set up would short circuit everything. So in order to avoid complete destruction, there would be a shift.  
The Sun is saying she said, “”Enough, We are going to put you back into alignment, See what you can so this time around”” She said “” Only those with uncluttered consciousness will be able to house this energy in their bodies, Those with negative thoughts feel it as direct poison; their thoughts will return and potentially cause havoc in their bodies. The solution is to have clear thoughts and uncluttered bodies that are able to take this energy completely without fear. Each time you expose yourself to these fantastic energies you increase your intuition, your psychic ability to decode the DNA. All these abilities are magnified thousands and thousands of times. This is part of the way the Sun is responding to who you are, so trust that the Sun reads you. Have honest, open and agreeable energy with the Sun and the elements around you.. “”
My thoughts go back here to our Native American Brothers who have long know the relationship with the Planets and have within their rituals their honoured Sun  Dance and seasons of  Corn Dance rituals .
Within one chapter of this book it relates to sound healing and allowing sounds to come through our bodies by specific notes.. Interestingly enough a member of my own group is now a sound healer, using Gongs. But also the tone of chanting can help information through intuition or that higher intelligence to communicate directly within our minds.. Music has always played a major part in community ritual gatherings, and for those who have been to the rave or pop concert will know how ‘High’ and ‘Light’ one can feel without inducement of drugs. And feel as if something has been lifted from them.
Combinations of sounds as cords will help the Thyroid, Liver, and heart in their rejuvenation. When you find yourself within large crowds see how the noise and their energies affect you, How many of you come home with headaches from that City shopping trip? .. I know I do..  Sound has always played vital energy roles... Think of the way Marshall arts experts let out a yell to expel the energy, And the Old Battle cries, the marching forces that brought down the walls of Jericho, acting like a sonic boom. Sound is more important than we realise.. And again I have learnt this, but at the time of reading this book, the thought was alien to me..
So too are we in the cycles of learning and we are having to open our mind to all possibilities.. I know that I cannot absorb all information, and I know that some information I will take on board, while other I will discard.. But I will be forever the Sponge... and absorb... and you can either soak it up... or squeeze it dry. But understand..  
 ‘Time’ Reveals ALL... ...
Dreamwalker ..


  1. This certainly made for an interesting read. Glad I stumbled upon your space/entry. It's been so long!

  2. Knowledge is power. It has led man for progress. This is true, whether the power which knowledge gives be used for good or for evil. The man who 'knows and understands' has an advantage over the man who does not' know'. I guess that's why I try and 'soak up' as much info as I can, I want to 'know' everything..... or at least as much as I can. Very much like yourself.

    Every situation in life is a learning experience in my opinion. It is a daily choice to make decisions and live with them. No matter the outcome, right or wrong, we are learning and if we are learning than we are succeeding ...everyday.

  3. Every action leads to a re-action and a consequence.. But each is a step towards learning about ourselves.. and with each lesson we grow. Without the wrong we would not learn the right.. so too without our shadows we would not see the light..