Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lonely Winds of Time.


Lonely Winds..

The wind it howls though my mind
As it rushes through the window pane
Gaps of thought entwined with yours
Of lonely hearts drumming on the door
To let me in, and know..
That all is safe despite the din.
As yet another night begins the lonely thoughts.
But as the wind it gathers strength and beats
Relentless howling to come in.
You are there within my mind,
I see the shadow as you shine
Your thoughts entwine within my mind
No longer now alone am I,
For like the wind you echo wild
Reverberating around the room,
Clearing the mists no longer gloom
As together we shall be..
Joined in breath in winds of past
Forging ahead in mighty blast
We shed the yoke of burdens carried
Too long we’ve wasted and tarried
Within the room of lonely thought
Where winds did howl and screech and tare
For now my love there’s no compare
As winds of thoughts you reach my mind
And loneliness I no longer find
As you entwine your thoughts with mine..

© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

Natures Song.


Nature's Song

Nature is so magnificent just ‘Being’
Are we looking, are we seeing?
Heavens glory in Mother Earth
Flora, Fauna, She shows her worth.

Breathe in the Life, Breathe in the Sun
And Listen to Earths Music Song
And let your Heart sore way up high
For I am Joyful, I float in sky

Smiling now I reach out to you
To share my joy, for it is true
We can let the shadows pass on by
Together forever you and I.

©  Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

We each need to think Positive..


Concentrate On The Positive.

Have any of you ever just taken too much on?
When your Mind is a whirl, and you’ve no Concentration.
This week’s been like that, with my head in a spin
Taking three steps forward, and four back again.

Pressures of my job which have left me kind of low
And a person who did deal me a heck of a blow.
My mind which is usually so active and alert
Instead I’ve been so drained, despondent and hurt.

I know it will pass when I get my brain in gear,
I just need to Concentrate and be more positive this year.
What lessons do I need to learn from this episode?
I need to be dispassionate, care less I am told.

But when you have a heart that embraces all with love
It’s difficult to separate, switch off from all the above.
Reports I’ve had to fill and meetings to attend
And I’ve called upon my Angels, broken hearts to mend.

I’m hoping that this brain between my ears can rest
Because I know I’ve tried my very, very, best.
But it still doesn’t take away the sadness or the pain.
And it will not stop me trying to reach out to them again.

But here I am so easily falling into that old trap-
Of negative thought, so I’d better call it a wrap!
For many blessings do I have in my wonderful life
I must Concentrate on these, not the moments of strife.

Tomorrow when I wake, these thoughts will seem blur.
And I’ll Concentrate on love and Happiness will occur.
The ramblings of a mind at two am is sad,
But my Angels are listening of that I’m very glad.

They tell me to Concentrate upon the Positive and Good,
Remembering All are embraced and protected with their Love.
So with my final thoughts, I’ll say a prayer to mend.
And with all my blessings to everyone I send.
By Sue Dreamwalker
© Sue Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remember Them


Remember Them.
Remember them of yesterday..
Remember them that fell today,
Remember them in faraway lands
Remember them for they too had plans
Remember Them...
Remember the old soldiers of World war one..
The Great War to end all wars that was won..
Remember too all the battles that still rage
As History turns yet another page..
Remember them..
Remember too all who serve,
With medals adorned and well deserved.
The medics who brave their lives to retrieve
Those brave soldiers who too they grieve
Remember them.

Remember all those who are serving in our armed forces where ever they may be in this world.. Remember those that have been killed, those who have horrific injuries and those loved ones who are left behind to pick up the pieces of life.. Remember the children who have lost their parents.
And all those caught up in the Wars that still Rage around our Globe.