Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fragmented Souls

Shattered are the pieces as they fall

As fragmented souls scream and call

Can you not hear as they shout and plea

‘What is to become of me?’

Scattered to the winds I hear their minds

As each plea is for ‘Self’ to find

Peace so lost within tormented thought

As into the abyss of illusion they are caught

Fear takes their hearts, squeezing them dry

Leaving them hollow and too empty to cry

Tears turn to ice with hearts that grow cold

As sickness of greed comes to take hold

Like zombies they march along with the crowd

Will power forgotten and no longer proud

Their lights dimmed by possessions of wealth

Flickering flames in the wind of ill health

Fragments of Faith blown out with all creeds

Forgotten memories of simple needs

Ancient teachings swept away with the ark

A penitent symbol as we bow to the Dark

So gather your fragments to make a fight

Not to war, but be Warriors of Light.

Hold up your banners of love and truth,

Be an example to all our youth

It’s never too late to change but a thought

For your power is within, so worry nought

Let in the Light and give as you receive..

As Warriors all we need do is breathe..

Allow each cell to open and mend

The Fragmented thoughts each of us send...

United we gather in strength across the land

As the power of LIGHT shall make its last stand.

©  Dreamwalker 2010 All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life.

Here I sit within the Garden of my mind
Sifting through thoughts to what I might find
The Ancient Secrets~ long lost, now found
Of a Shackled past we’ve been held in and bound.
I now lift the veil, and what do I see?
A history wrapped up deceptively
Secrets withheld, and knowledge bound tight
An illusion of Truth, so we learn how to fight
I look to the sky, to see a trailing maze
As aircraft pollute, leaving Chemtrails of haze
An Ozone that’s gone, And Oceans that Die,
As Astronauts build Space Stations in the sky
A New child is born its hunger unheard
Land turns to Dust, and the heat is absurd
I sift through the data, throwing much out
And that’s when I heard the Flower of Life shout.
Building blocks of nature we can no longer ignore
And yet still Science closes its doors
The facts are before you, you just need to look
Open your eyes
Come people Look!
We’re in this together, you’re suffering is mine
The sooner you see that, the sooner you’ll find
Break Free your Shackles
Awake to the
©  Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Time Has almost Run Out

Time has all but run out

Time Has All But Run Out

Time has all but run through the hour glass,
The Sand has all but trickled to an end
Faces on the clocks of different zones
Ticking, Ticking,
Calling us home.
Cracked Earth, parched souls,
Empty pockets, hollow hearts
Crying rivers, flooded Tears
Feeling Separate,
Through Aeons of years
Waking to the Bell of Alarm
Ticking minutes upon your left arm
Ruled by Time a day goes by
Head bent in work and Sighs
Wishing Days and weeks would Fly
Then wondering where was time spent
As Sand did trickled on
And Days did turn
While Man and Woman Yearn
We have much to learn
Time is almost Done
Before A life has begun
As new-born cries
We shower pollution
From our Skies

(C) Dreamwalker

Ocean Of Love

Our Love is like an Ocean as deep as it can be
Waves crashing to the shore, I love you, can’t you see
The spray of salty droplets like diamonds on your skin
The rhythm of your breathing as I sigh and let you in
Caressing every curvature, hugging coastline sand
Melting sandcastles, built by your own hand
Your name I write over and over on the shore
Surrounded by the shells that you found which I adore
The Sun is welcoming us as we enjoy another day.
We laugh and we frolic, among the waves and spray
We move with the tide that has its ebb and flow
And I dive with the Dolphin, as in ecstasy let go..
The whale too will sing you my lover’s tune
As we float among the stars by the light of Silver Moon
So remember well my love, as you watch the waves at play
For my love is like the Ocean and its sent to you this day..
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© Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.