Friday, 5 January 2018

New Year Intentions,

The bells have rung the new year in.
And so our new year resolutions begin.
For this new year one wish do I make.
In the hope that all mankind will partake.

A wish for peace to dwell on earth.
For man’s progression, to learn self worth.
But before there can be peace on distant shores.
We first must make peace, within our own doors.

Lets look at our selves lets look deep within.
Lets start with our families, and bury our pride
At the jealousy we harbour, for brothers and neighbours.
So quick to condemn, yet too proud to ask favours.

We may not have guns that kill, or can maim
Our weapons are words, they wound just the same.
Some words are like daggers, to the ones that are close.
They cut like a knife; they’re the ones that hurt most.

And so my wish to the world, is learn to tolerate.
For anger and hatred will destroy and obliterate.
So let love and harmony be your families song.
Side by side together they mould and make you strong..

In that strength of unity, as a family together.
Like the ripples on a pond, lets hope they spread forever
And so my message is, to give a helping hand.
Then perhaps my wish for Peace
Will Spread across the Land