Monday, 14 October 2013

How Do We Put The World To Rights?

Confucius Sue Dreamwalker There are many who walk this pathway on our Earth journey, who finds themselves lost. Unable to see a clear path of where their journey is taking them.. As they scramble over the rocks in life, dragging themselves out of the pits of despair, as they get sucked deeper into the mires of debt, drugs, and depression, as their world around them seems to collapse which pulls them ever deeper into the dark forces of negativity. I see it every day on the streets, as I look into the faces of people who never smile, I see it in the devil may care attitude of some of our youth as they play havoc in a world where adults now seem to fear children for what they are becoming, with their ‘you can’t touch me’ attitude ‘I’m a minor’ and can get away with murder, which some do, and some have.. I look around at what the world in general has become, for the majority the rat race of who can accumulate the most in this throwaway society of food, goods, and that couldn’t care less attitude. And I despair for the future of our children’s children, as our communities are full of strangers, who view each other with suspicion, who lock their doors behind them, and who dare not look another in the eye, in case they be offended and shout abuse or rob you at knife point. Cities where we walk by those who stand begging, turning the other way, as we wonder if they are really genuine or do they leave their begging bowl and return to a plush home counting their takings for the day as we distrust each other and their motives..
Where have our Hearts gone?
When did the Care go from our lives?
When did we become strangers to one another?
And what can we do to put the world to rights?
First we need to take a good look at our reflections and put ourselves to rights then our communities will follow.. then our nations, and then our World… A tall order?
Confucius was a wise man when he uttered those words I quoted above..
Well  Today I got out the Mirror yet again.. … Care to join me?
Where would You start?
I know I can change no one other than myself! 
But I will keep sowing the Seeds…

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Throughout the ages there have been many prophecies for us to think about, The Millennium was one, where we were told computers would go on the blink and some thought that the world would come to an end..  All Prophecy is fluid and changeable.
Our future is not set in stone..Why is that? The reason is that we create our own reality through our thoughts, through our collective thinking, known as mass consciousness.
What a prophet  sees is only one of the probable outcomes of our future, if we don’t like what the prophet has to say then we have the power to change it.
Many books are being written and have been wrote about the forthcoming Earth changes and you have only to click onto the net to see the many that have been written about the pending changes which were supposedly to happen in the year 2012. When the Mayan calendar ended. 
Many in the past believed that our earth’s demise would come from an asteroid, or nuclear bombs, or a shift of the poles so as the Earth tips on her axis. Who knows?
But the Mayans knew about the cosmic cycles, and scientists are now acknowledging that the Earth is far older than was first thought, and that civilizations were thriving on Earth way before ‘the cave men’.
The scriptures of the Indian Vedas also describe cycles of creation that span millions of years, including civilizations that flourished and then decayed and perished. The Mayans themselves appeared out of the mist some 4,000 yrs ago, and just as mysteriously disappeared back again.
So are we not just such another civilization? The thing is we think we are invincible, untouchable with our technology.   We have created our weapons of destruction, and seem hell bent on destroying each other. Warring factions want their power and control over others fuelled by greed by those few who are in positions of power.
Several years ago I wrote a poem called Earth, I described how the Earth is a living organism as if she has feelings, which she does and we as humans were her irritants on her back..
I feel that it will be nature we have to look to. And not because of global warming, because who knows if civilizations have been as advanced more so than us in the past, then has not the Earth gone through global warming before?
The Mayans described at least 5 different ages or cycles in the past each lasting just over 5,000 years, and each ended in a cataclysmic cleansing of negative Karma created by man. And then each new era mankind would start again from scratch form, from the survivors.
But as I said in the beginning, nothing is cast in stone, and that is why many are writings books on enlightenment and we are getting messages from our Angels, Inspirational speakers, life coaches, and healing and the alternative therapies are all coming to the fore  along with our Indigo and crystal children.
Because our mass consciousness CAN make a difference to this world.. For thought creates.. Unfortunately what is being generated around this world is so much negativity. The Media thrives on churning it out, and we get caught up in its negative web.

The Hopi whose name means ‘people of peace’ have traditions that date back thousands of years. These teachings point to prophecies that would manifest just before what they termed a great purification of the Earth. It would be a time when the Earth would shudder and tremble causing much destruction in order to cleanse the planet of karmic negativity. Not too long ago I played a video on my in which the Hopis said that those prophecies have now been completed.  I hope to dig it out again and post above.
The Hopis also said the weather would become unpredictable and would 'cleanse away many things with wind and rain.' They said we must each be self-sustained and go back to growing our food from Mother Earth. Above all, they said, man needed to go within himself in order to gain spiritual understanding of what would be happening. Their prophecies matched the Mayan prophecies."  
Here are some of the Hopi signs heralding the coming purification telling us that it is near...
Trees everywhere will be dying (it's going on right now).
People will build a house a throw it in the sky (Skylab, Mir, the current space station)
Cold places will become hot and hot places cold (that is happening with global warming, global weather patterns are changing)
Land will sink beneath the sea and rise above it (such changes have already begun)
The appearance of a blue star (in 1987 a blue star made its presence known when a hot blue super-giant exploded and made world history as a spectacular supernova)
There will be paths in the sky (airplane contrails and chemtrails)
There will be cobwebs in the air (power lines all over the United States)
A "gourd of ashes" will be dropped from the sky to burn the land and boil the oceans (atomic bomb)
These signs are pretty obvious and all have come to pass.
~First written in 2008~ 
Modified 2013 

© Sue Dreamwalker  2008- 2013 All rights reserved.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Earth Day 22nd April

Mother Earth
Earth Day  Is a day for us all to remember and share in the celebration of what our Earth Mother gives to us.. and how we can take better take care of our environment. I also some time ago, wrote a poem on how much we pollute our Earth Mother, the poem was inspired by a major oil spill into her Oceans..
Remember the Gifts of Mother Nature and All of those whom you cherish and hold dear in your life.. Remember that each Breath we breathe..
 She gives us each breath..
Remember to love her and respect her..
For she gives us Life

Earth Mother
Black is the ocean, as the liquid gold spills
Black is the feathers choking seabird bills
Black is the day we pollute another shore
And Black is my heart as it aches with her sores..
Earth Mother, oh Earth Mother, we abuse you so
We ruin your waters, we ruin your glow..
Earth Mother, Oh Earth Mother, help us to see
How each hurt we inflict, hurts You and Me..
Tell me this, tell me true,
Why is man destroying You?
I hold onto your beauty, I hold onto your Light
Why do they not see the hurt of your plight?
The blackness is greed, which now spills from your depths
The seas of darkness, like hovering debts
Each is a mirror, in the conscious thought
Many not caring and think of you naught
My heart bleeds with you, I hear your cries
You weep endlessly from your skies
You howl and scream and belch out smoke
You shake us and rattle and blew as you spoke
But do we listen? To your words of woo
No we humans.. We think we know..
But soon your scorn, your wind and your storms
Will devour us, and leave us with no form.
And then our lament will wail like your Winds
Our Maker will show us the price of our sins
And our Earth Mother will cry, in her birthing pains
As yet another end-cycle begins again......

© Sue Dreamwalker - 2012-2013 All rights reserved.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Seasons~Poems and my Artwork

Oh mighty brothers that reach up high
Your branches swaying in breeze from sky
Tell me as I sit beneath your shade
What wisdom have you for me today..
Spring one with your leaves so fresh
Your colours of green replenish and re-fresh
Your blossoms shower us in petals so light
From winters sleep you grow in delight
Summer Oh how you please
As you rustle your full grown leaves
Your breath so pure so we may breathe
I pray this Earth you never leave
Autumn of golden rich fruits you carry
To sustain life in harvest berries
Fallen leaves and wood for the fire
Replenishing larders, of you I never tire
Winter with your ever-greeen
In your forests shelter you bring
Silent and tall as you sleep until Spring
Lets not forget our brothers the Tree
Hundred of years they stand still and ‘see’
Majestic and strong they give life to all
Save our trees don’t let them fall.
By Sue Dreamwalker 
Spring VortexSummer Vortex
Autumn GoldWinter Silence
Above are the paintings I did,while taking time out. Trees are so important, and I love nothing better to sit beneath a tree and meditate feeling its energy. Our Relationship to the Earth has changed as we have become more aware of how our actions can affect the balance of Nature, we are beginning to see ourselves as part of the Global Community and we are embracing a more heart-centred common goal of preservation. Trees are part of that community and we need to understand how important a part Tree’s play in our lives.. They not only bring us the very oxygen we breath, but they give homes to thousands of species of insects and birds providing not only food and shelter but the very habitat that those species need to survive, as well as food, fuel, and shelter for us Humans, When the trees start dying, then the insects have no home and also die, this has a knock on effect around the whole eco system.We must not forget we are part of that knock on effect. Trees teach us the importance of renewal as they shed their leaves and seeds, their outer achievements and find strength and vitality through a period of rest in the winter months, They teach us stillness, about slowing down, and finding contentment within. They show us the importance of having strong roots to maintain stability. We are destroying the lungs of the Earth as the many forests are cut down.. Hereis a site which explains what you can do to conserve Trees. Remember the ‘Standing Ones’ as they were once known, and let us remember they give us our very breath we breathe, we owe them a debt of gratitude. They need our respect. Enjoy your walks, Enjoy your Trees, and Enjoy Nature..
Blessings Sue Dreamwalker
Paintings are 38cms-20cms

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fragility of Life

Do we really understand the fragility of Life?
Have we ever thought of consequence and all the Strife?
So we can run around in cars and have our pretty things
Have you ever thought of all the pain we Human’s bring?
Have you ever considered just how you’d feel if orphaned you were left
As your mother became a trophy with her skin stripped from her chest?
Did you never spare a thought for the Ocean and her depths?
A dumping ground for all our waste no longer we respect,
And have you thought how hard it is to find enough to eat
When driven from your home
Have you ever wondered how far that you would roam?
And did you never think as the Ice melts in your drink
Of the Polar Bears home that in the Ocean sinks..
It’s time to understand that we cannot turn away
For we are each responsible for the world we live today
We humans have tipped the scales as we destroy with tools of greed
It’s time to re-awake and replant a caring seed.
© Dreamwalker - 2013 All rights reserved.
Please feel free to click some of this links
World Wild Life
International Fund for Animal Welfare 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Healing Powers of Light-Workers

Thanks to Freeyourmind4ever for these words on the Video. 
Healing Power of Lightworkers
Lightworkers are those who volunteered before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear.

Each LightWorker is here for a Sacred Purpose

Very often, however, life on Earth with its material focus creates a form of Amnesia in Lightworkers.
They then forget their divine and perfect identities, and also their abilities, and also their abilities to miraculously help the Earth and all Living creatures. When Lightworkers forget their true identity and purpose, they feel lost and afraid.
You are a Lightworker if you:
Ø  Feel called to heal others
Ø  Desire to resolve the worlds social and environmental problems
Ø  Believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation
Ø  Have mystical experiences, such as psychic  premonitions or angelic encounters
Ø  Have endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of your divine perfection
Ø  Want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world
Ø  Feel compelled to write, teach or counsel about your healing experiences
Ø  Know that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfil it
Everywhere on the planet right now, Lightworkers are awakening to faint memories about why they came to Earth.  They hear an inner calling that can’t be ignored. This call is a reminder that is now time to stop toying with the material dreams and get to work.
Many Lightworkers are discovering innate Spiritual Gifts, such as psychic communications skills and spiritual healing abilities.
These are the gifts that we volunteered to use to heal the Earth and her populations during the crucial decades surrounding the Millennium.
Prophecies predicted our coming, and now it is time for us to fulfil our divine purpose.
The World Depends upon Us!
We, who are lightworkers, don’t necessarily need to add anything to ourselves to prepare for our mission. We already have innate abilities even if they are presently dormant.
With our focused intent, thought and spirit, we can heal anything. There are no limits upon our healing abilities.
We can definitely heal the Earth with our Spiritual approach
In fact Scientists have recently demonstrated that people can change water and air temperature and also cloud structures, purely  through their thoughts.
We, who are lightworkers, are already aware of the power of our thoughts. What we are continuing to learn however, is that our thoughts are even more powerful than we suspected.
Lightworkers’ Collective prayers and healing thoughts can avert prophecies of world trauma.
There is only ONE spirit and ONE mind, and we are all part
of this collective intelligence and love.
Miraculous results in scientific laboratories are demonstrating the factual basis of the
We cannot fail, when we accept the Mission we chose for ourselves prior to incarnation,
 The Power and the intelligence of the
Makes NO Mistakes.
We would not have been assigned to our lightworkers role, were we not perfectly qualified.
Since we are made in the image and
of the ONE who is ALL-Knowing, ALL-Seeing, and able to heal anything, we can relax in the sure knowledge that we were born to Heal.
Thanks to Freeyourmind4ever for these words on the Video.