Thursday, 18 April 2013

Earth Day 22nd April

Mother Earth
Earth Day  Is a day for us all to remember and share in the celebration of what our Earth Mother gives to us.. and how we can take better take care of our environment. I also some time ago, wrote a poem on how much we pollute our Earth Mother, the poem was inspired by a major oil spill into her Oceans..
Remember the Gifts of Mother Nature and All of those whom you cherish and hold dear in your life.. Remember that each Breath we breathe..
 She gives us each breath..
Remember to love her and respect her..
For she gives us Life

Earth Mother
Black is the ocean, as the liquid gold spills
Black is the feathers choking seabird bills
Black is the day we pollute another shore
And Black is my heart as it aches with her sores..
Earth Mother, oh Earth Mother, we abuse you so
We ruin your waters, we ruin your glow..
Earth Mother, Oh Earth Mother, help us to see
How each hurt we inflict, hurts You and Me..
Tell me this, tell me true,
Why is man destroying You?
I hold onto your beauty, I hold onto your Light
Why do they not see the hurt of your plight?
The blackness is greed, which now spills from your depths
The seas of darkness, like hovering debts
Each is a mirror, in the conscious thought
Many not caring and think of you naught
My heart bleeds with you, I hear your cries
You weep endlessly from your skies
You howl and scream and belch out smoke
You shake us and rattle and blew as you spoke
But do we listen? To your words of woo
No we humans.. We think we know..
But soon your scorn, your wind and your storms
Will devour us, and leave us with no form.
And then our lament will wail like your Winds
Our Maker will show us the price of our sins
And our Earth Mother will cry, in her birthing pains
As yet another end-cycle begins again......

© Sue Dreamwalker - 2012-2013 All rights reserved.


  1. I celebrate our Mother Earth everyday ... very seldom I go astray ... a while ago I started to eat no more meat from any slaughtered animal ... after reading the book by Barbara Ruetting. Love you and your message so much, Sue.
    PS: The link you sent does not open for me ...

  2. Hi there Sue, I've just come for a walk around Blogger land, 'tis a while since I posted anything on my site here, I feel I've been leaving it almost as a tribute to my Girl, but someday I shall update ... It's a sobering thought that we ever need an Earth Day, surely it should be an auto response to everything we do, day by day, .. as in how will my actions affect the environment?... Loved reading your Earth Mother poem, it tells it how it is. Love and light my friend.. xPenx

  3. You speak for Mother Earth
    and cry out in sorrow and pain
    so that all will hear her weep.

    I like the fact that you recognize
    that in our Universe everything cycles.

    All the planets, the stars, the moon,
    and the earth. We are entering the
    end of an age and it is time for all
    that is wrong to change.

    What is wrong shall be made right
    once again. Your poetry is a joy
    to read, always.

    sending you love and blessings
    sweet Dreamwalker.

    hugs Sharon

  4. ...blessed be ~ dear gentle heart!...
    ...sending biggest bubbles filled with loving kindness to thee!...(0:

  5. A beautiful tribute to Mother Earth. When we treat Nature with disdain the backlash can be devastating as it happened very recently in Northern part of India.