Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Keeper of the Keys

Golden Mean Spiral
Have you ever split open an apple to reveal the Star inside?
Apple Stars
And did you ever begin to wonder about Life? Do you Know about the Flower of Life?, and wonder about how and why it got imprinted into the Pyramids? And did you see the Hieroglyphs  With Helicopters, Planes and Tanks calved within their walls  Click Link to see them.
Did you ever Study Sacred Geometry? and The Golden Mean Spiral?
Did you ever think of the Garden of Eden and the story of Eve..
The Bite of the Apple!..
  Did you ever connect the Dots?
Have you ever search for answers that you will not find in the History Books?…
  Do you want to dig deeper?… Have you really looked close to find your own Answers?
Do you really want to understand about the Real World?
Do you Know who you are?
Where you are From and Where you are Going?
Have you any Idea of what I am talking about?

This was a poem I wrote some time ago..Often I cannot sleep and words often just flow into my mind with no apparent thought and each line that comes I leave as it is there is never hardly any correction added only punctuation if needed ..

Keepers of the Keys

From out of the mists of aeons past
Walk the keeper of the Keys
Holding their secrets locked within time
When all was one and No locks did bind
The Keepers knew our thoughts and held them Free,
For they would speak Telepathically.
We were those Keepers of long ago
But we lost our way-now like sheep we go
Herded into Pen’s of Self
Condemned with Greed and thoughts of Wealth
We travel blindly led by fear
Losing our Roots with the passing of years
Listen now and Listen well
For our Ancestors once more do tell
Its time to open up all our Minds
And discover again the Key and find-
Within yourself a wealth of knowledge
Facts you’ll never find within any collage
Follow not blindly what you are told
Seek and find and soon you’ll behold-
A world you thought was real with fact
Was distorted and tainted,
Look for the Cracks
The Truth is out there, you all have the Key,
Just open your minds,  look and see
Stop bleating your woes, and following the herd
Be Daring, Be Brave, let your voice be heard
Start looking back, trace the flower of Life
Look into the Apple, cut it open with knife
Take a bite, reveal the Real Sin,
Research beyond History, delve and look in
The Keepers return they watch and wait
To see who will awaken and open the gate
We all hold the Key- It’s held in the Mind
Look Beyond what you see
Seek and ye shall find...
© Sue Dreamwalker - 2012 -2015 All rights reserved.