Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fragility of Life

Do we really understand the fragility of Life?
Have we ever thought of consequence and all the Strife?
So we can run around in cars and have our pretty things
Have you ever thought of all the pain we Human’s bring?
Have you ever considered just how you’d feel if orphaned you were left
As your mother became a trophy with her skin stripped from her chest?
Did you never spare a thought for the Ocean and her depths?
A dumping ground for all our waste no longer we respect,
And have you thought how hard it is to find enough to eat
When driven from your home
Have you ever wondered how far that you would roam?
And did you never think as the Ice melts in your drink
Of the Polar Bears home that in the Ocean sinks..
It’s time to understand that we cannot turn away
For we are each responsible for the world we live today
We humans have tipped the scales as we destroy with tools of greed
It’s time to re-awake and replant a caring seed.
© Dreamwalker - 2013 All rights reserved.
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