Saturday, 5 February 2011

Can we not see?


 What have We Become?

What have we become that we cannot begin to see?
The Damage that we’ve done to our Ocean land and Trees,
We belch out pollution, pumping veins in Mother Earth
Spewing out our poisons that pollute around her girth
Her Ocean floors we’ve blackened, turn all to red,
And blood is on our hands as our sea-life is now dead

What have we become that we cannot begin to see?
The damage with we do which affects both you and me
The aerosols we spray like the Chemtrails across our sky
Leave a trail of poison and no one is asking Why?
Rainforests disappearing a hundred species every day
Some we’ll never see, for we wiped them clean away.

What have we become that we feel we need to kill—
Everything around us, Is this Free Will?
I often shed a tear as I feel our Mother’s pain
For I know it’s now the time as she screams with wind and rain.
It’s time that we were shaken to realize our mistakes
How we’ve pillaged, raped and stole and Take, take ,take

Never do we honour or give her back respect
We just take her life for granted, abuse her and neglect.
Can we not see as we cut down all her trees?
We cut the very air that each of us do breathe.

What have we become as we kill for greed and power?
Our Mother now chastises in this our final hour
Her anger is just beginning to make her presence felt
For mankind is just an insect, as we reap what we have dealt
Her sigh is now heaving on the Winds of discontent
As she reflects all of our Anger over the centuries we’ve sent.

What have we become that we cannot begin to see?
We are destroying our Planet along with it you and me.

© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.