Friday, 31 December 2010

Another Year Over: A Letter

 To All who come to read.
Another Year Over
Another Year is over, and New One has just begun.
As I look back upon this year I just wonder where it has gone. This year I’ve faced many emotions, each of these making up the basis of our everyday lives as we grow and mature not only as an adult, but also as we grow spiritually.
Throughout my life I’ve had many lessons and while some were harsh others I wouldn’t exchange for one moment. And then I take a second look at the harsh ones, and if I look deep enough into their teachings I would have to admit I would not be the same person I am today if I hadn’t experienced them and gone through those lessons.
Today I had some free time and gave it over to do some meditation, pulling in that silence that brings in such love and peace.
And as I connected to that inner voice within, I was inspired to write. And so here I am with pen in hand, just allowing that pen to flow over the page knowing not what will come next.
And so it is as another year begins neither do we know what will come next. As we wish each other our ‘Happy New Years’ then return to work after the Christmas celebrations many will forget their smiles of good wishes exchanged with strangers, as once again they become drones and slaves to their work routines and financial commitments, as the material world takes its hold over our lives for another year..
For many 2011 will herald in changes some which will be joyous, but for many more much heartache is yet to come..
In November I attended a spiritual workshop  and I was reminded that while it was commendable to bring others along their spiritual path of development. I must not neglect my own.  And I pause here with pen in mid air as I realise how true this is.
Our learning never stops, and we are never too old to learn. And I have so much I still wish to learn.
As I sit in that silent space of thought and look deep within my inner most soul. I understand I am only just beginning to love the skin that I am in. I am only just seeing who I AM.
And while Ive been a daughter, sister, wife, mother friend, aunt and now a grandmother I am only just finding out the sum total of who all these faces are.
Here in that silent space as I breathe deep with eyes closed as I pull in that Divine energy which surrounds us all, I am discovering who I AM.
And as the New Year begins so begins a new adventure as I connect back to ALL that I was, and ALL yet to come. Knowing as I do... That we are ALL ONE..
I am inspired to share with you that it’s important for each of us to connect back to the light within. And to find a space of time to sit in silence with our thoughts- just let go and be.. To breathe in that pure energy of love in which ALL creation is held.
I’m inspired to say to you all who come to read these words, Love yourselves and send that love out unto others and into Mother Nature. For our Earth Mother so needs to feel our love once again, as we have so forgotten our roots, our connection with Nature and Earth. Taking her for granted.
And she reminds us with every passing Season how mighty she is. So as this year ends, let us remember those who gave their lives this year to Natural disasters, in Wars, in famine, through disease or tragedy
Close your eyes with me in one moment of silent thought in sending out your love and energy in remembering them and our loved ones, by sending out your thoughts and adding your own light and remember also to give yourself this coming year some of that tender love to yourselves by including and embracing  yourself in that love.
And let your New Year be filled
With Love.. Light..... and Peace....
 Sue Dreamwalker..   

Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Greatest Gift Ever.

The Greatest Gifts
I hope that everyone has had a good Christmas Day, that you’ve received all you wished for and more, and have eaten until you feel as stuffed as that Turkey roast we’re all so fond of putting on our tables at Christmas time.
I wish I could say I was vegetarian at this point, but I’m not, I was meat free for 2yrs, but either I wasn’t eating correctly getting the right vitamin supplements but I ended up feeling quite ill. That and the call of the ‘Bacon Butty’ got too much so I became a carnivore again.
I say ‘at this point’, because I think of the millions of Turkeys who gave up their lives so we could enjoy Christmas Dinner!
Today I can start and chill out and relax as yesterday Christmas Day I went to work along with many others who give of their service to others, not only the carers and medical professions but those too in the catering industries who give up their Christmas day to serve others for people who wish to holiday and not cook their own Christmas lunches.
This Christmas for us as a family has been both joyful and sad, joyful in the fact that we have our first grandchild Isobella’s first  Christmas with us. And sad as Isobella’s other Granny died this Christmas Eve after losing her battle with Cancer. Isobella being their first grandchild too, we were just overjoyed she saw her come into the world.
My thoughts here go out to all those who suffer loss of loved ones at whatever time of year, the pain of such is heartbreaking but more so it seems at Christmas time.
I got to thinking why is that? For during the last year I have heard of many old friends and acquaintances who have passed to Spirit, and many who have lost their battles with Cancers.
The answer for me is that at Christmas time our awareness opens us up more to giving, as we buy presents and visit loved ones whom we perhaps haven’t seen all year as that closeness, that bond of love builds up in what we term the ‘Christmas Spirit’ as we smile and wish everyone a Happy Christmas leaving tips and good wishes for their New Year to come.
At Christmas time our senses are heightened, as for once we have to stop and think about others instead of ourselves as we madly rush around thinking of that perfect gift to give them. And yet what is that perfect gift? It can never be found within the material gifts we toil all year long for to attain.
The perfect gift for me comes absolutely free, Its the gift of ‘Giving back’ giving of yourself to serve your fellow man, and it may come as simple as a smile to a stranger or a helping hand to a young mum getting on the bus loaded with shopping, pushchair and toddler in tow.  These are the gifts we should share all year round. Yet we have become so caught up in the wheel of toil and debt in this so called ‘Modern Age’ of keeping up with the Jone’s, we rush around in our own little worlds blinked to others needs.
I often think back to what maybe termed the ‘Good Old Days’ when things were much simpler then. Friends have often said to me there was nothing ‘Good’ about those days without the time saving gadgetry we rely upon today.
But I say this; to me they were the ‘Good Old Days’ for we knew who our neighbours were in fact whole communities came together. We didn’t lock our doors behind us as we entered our homes or view every stranger with suspicion. We pulled together helping each other out, We used to have time for one another.
The Gifts we have forgotten in these so called Modern times is that we have forgotten how to give of our time to each other.
And time is a gift we should all give ourselves. For time is running faster for every one of us. Just where did last year go? And what, as you look back did we actually achieve?
Isn’t it time we ALL gave ourselves that perfect gift? As we move into yet another year. Let us spend time with ourselves if only for Five Minutes in our busy days. Go into that sacred space of silent thought. Spend time with yourselves, and listen to those inner most promptings that ‘Inner Voice’ .
Stop and think of all those material possessions we all have, and think for 5 minutes of your day which one you prize the most...
And then give thanks for the one you’ve had with you all your life which has cost you nothing to buy but without it all the toil and sweat of your labours would mean nothing.
That is the Greatest gift of all..
The Gift of Life.
The Gift of Health.
And the gift of life our Earth Mother gives us Free Every Single Day of the year..
Thank you...
Dreamwalker .

Monday, 13 December 2010

My World, My Space

My World, My Space.

I sit within my own space looking out at upon the world
And what I see upsets me, as events unfurl.
Strong that I am, for I came to be part of the ALL
I play my role, even though that part is small.
I try to spread a little light along the rugged road
And open up our thoughts to lighten up the load
But sometimes I can’t shake the disappointments of our Earth
And others need to remind me, of my inner self and worth
The division between the nations, the wars, the suffering
Help me put into perceptive my own minds meanderings
One thing I know for certain, is that united we must stand
And not let our differences stop us from reaching out our hands
In helping fellow beings as events begin to unfold
And let them know we care, so reach out to them and hold.
For alone we think we stand, and yet many see the plight
And awaken to the knowledge of our Earth’s daily fight
Spread peace to each other, don’t get caught up within the fear
And light will illuminate the darkness as Earth she sheds a tear
For she is another victim, who now shouts out pain
And her only voice is thunder, lightning, earthquakes, rain.
So join your hands together and repeat these words with me
We Bless you Mother Earth, and thank you gracefully
I sit now in my space, sending prayers out to the word
And ask that I be stronger, as I watch events unfurl.

© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.