Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Keeper of the Keys

Golden Mean Spiral
Have you ever split open an apple to reveal the Star inside?
Apple Stars
And did you ever begin to wonder about Life? Do you Know about the Flower of Life?, and wonder about how and why it got imprinted into the Pyramids? And did you see the Hieroglyphs  With Helicopters, Planes and Tanks calved within their walls  Click Link to see them.
Did you ever Study Sacred Geometry? and The Golden Mean Spiral?
Did you ever think of the Garden of Eden and the story of Eve..
The Bite of the Apple!..
  Did you ever connect the Dots?
Have you ever search for answers that you will not find in the History Books?…
  Do you want to dig deeper?… Have you really looked close to find your own Answers?
Do you really want to understand about the Real World?
Do you Know who you are?
Where you are From and Where you are Going?
Have you any Idea of what I am talking about?

This was a poem I wrote some time ago..Often I cannot sleep and words often just flow into my mind with no apparent thought and each line that comes I leave as it is there is never hardly any correction added only punctuation if needed ..

Keepers of the Keys

From out of the mists of aeons past
Walk the keeper of the Keys
Holding their secrets locked within time
When all was one and No locks did bind
The Keepers knew our thoughts and held them Free,
For they would speak Telepathically.
We were those Keepers of long ago
But we lost our way-now like sheep we go
Herded into Pen’s of Self
Condemned with Greed and thoughts of Wealth
We travel blindly led by fear
Losing our Roots with the passing of years
Listen now and Listen well
For our Ancestors once more do tell
Its time to open up all our Minds
And discover again the Key and find-
Within yourself a wealth of knowledge
Facts you’ll never find within any collage
Follow not blindly what you are told
Seek and find and soon you’ll behold-
A world you thought was real with fact
Was distorted and tainted,
Look for the Cracks
The Truth is out there, you all have the Key,
Just open your minds,  look and see
Stop bleating your woes, and following the herd
Be Daring, Be Brave, let your voice be heard
Start looking back, trace the flower of Life
Look into the Apple, cut it open with knife
Take a bite, reveal the Real Sin,
Research beyond History, delve and look in
The Keepers return they watch and wait
To see who will awaken and open the gate
We all hold the Key- It’s held in the Mind
Look Beyond what you see
Seek and ye shall find...
© Sue Dreamwalker - 2012 -2015 All rights reserved.


  1. Good Morning Sue....This was a wonderful post to wake up to....I have to admit that if not for the sacred maths i myself would never have got as far in my workings as i have...There is no religion or movements of faith in maths...Just simple beautiful truths known as the Key....Love this one...xox

    1. Lovely to connect again Teira, Yes the Key is within... And I was hopeless at Maths.. :-) too :-) Many thanks for stopping by.

      I thought it time I started posting again on this site.. :-) its been too long.
      Blessings Sue

  2. This article is an awesome read ... it connects right to my 3 recurring dreams: 1.) Have the key, all I have to do is finding the right door 2.) Trying to read a book/ sometimes it's a letter ... straining my eyes to decipher, but can not or just fragments 3.) me sitting in a glass boat, a dark male figure is lifting an axe? way over his head in order to smash the boat ... o, well cookie crumbs are better than no cookie at all, hmmm? Love u, sister ... always, cat.

    1. Interesting Dreams Cat.. I think if you thought hard you could decipher them too ;-) Love and Hugs right back at you, and so pleased you dropped in to comment.. you gave me the kick I needed to post again when you reminded me how long it had been..
      Love to you .. Sue x x x

  3. A wonderful poem! I had written something amazing for you about this but my laptop mouse is very touchy and it dumped.

    Your poem is awesome and I agree with every word. It's like an invitation to never stop questioning, living, celebrating and gaining new knowledge about life because it's so precious. I always enjoy your writings when I have time to visit Sue.

    I am slowly picking poems for my first book and moving my Blogger site with my poetry to WordPress. I haven't been on G+ hardly at all sometimes only posting a few posts all day I'm just busy. My book is going slow but it's ok my offline life is really hard right now.

    I don't mean to complain, but my roommate got laid off in May and he can't find a job. I don't have enough to pay rent and all the money I had saved is gone. It's very grim I have never been in this situation in my entire life and it's wearing on me.

    On the other hand, I've been on a health kick trying to get into better shape and fight the depression (exercise does help.) I can bike or walk and have already taken off over 10 pounds. I do feel well and am in great health despite my disability and age. Not even on any blood pressure or otherwise meds I do feel thankful. I have been working hard on it.

    I have never been more scared in my life and don't really know what's going to happen. I see a social worker tomorrow. Just wanted to check in and don't get around much, I hope you don't mind this comment I don't mean to sound like such a mess. Hugs!

    1. Dear Bekkie, so sorry your life right now is a little topsy turvy.. Keep thinking positive and know everything will turn out ok.. The positive thing is you are taking care of yourself and getting yourself back into good shape.. Now don't forget that your Mind is also very powerful over matter.. not only in health but in manifesting your reality.. So See yourself in abundance and it will start to enter yours and your roommate's life .. Do not feed into the FEAR.. Remember what we think we create!..

      Love to you Bekkie.. xxx

  4. As usual I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I wrote a poem called Majesty and Wonder and wanted just to share a tiny bit of it with you. I hope you don't mind.
    "The Creator spoke and it came into being, He stretched forth His mighty hand.

    Common design all around in everything living, can only mean one thing.

    We have a common Creator, who spoke life into wonderful beings.

    Each with its own DNA , to produce more of its kind

    Dogs have puppies, cats have kittens all by His design. 085

    What majesty and wonder our Creator left us to find

    The keys to all creation and the beauty He left behind.

    As you ponder the wonder and majesty of your birth and your life’s span

    Search for the miracles and beauty for the Creator designed your plan.

    Your fellowship and love is all God wants from you each day.

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. Many thanks Debbie for your wonderful Poem.. May we all find the Miracles in Life.. Wishing you a Happy 2016 and Beyond..

  5. I just read Bekkie's comment feel 4 her ... wish I could do something 4 her ... will find a way ... anyway ... wishing U a very happy New Year, friend Sue ... be well, ma sister ... smiles ... Love, always ... cat.

    1. Hi Cat.. yes my own heart felt for her. Sending you my New Year wishes also Cat.. Love and Hugs..I hope 2016 brings you Love and Peace my friend.. Health and Happiness, Joy and Happiness in abundance.. Love Sue xxx

  6. Many thanks for stopping by Sue. Wishing you a happy New Year.
    May Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness be yours throughout the New Year.


  7. Love this blog page and your depth of expression here, seeing your connection to the scared spirit in all of us, thank you for being such a light Sue! Heart to heart Robyn

  8. Love love love your connection to our eternal spirit!
    Heart to heart Robyn

  9. Just been thinking of U, and miss U here, Sue ... smiles ... Love U, cat.

  10. I have always paid attention to designs and patterns in nature and wondered if some one up there is a scientist and an artist at the same time. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. One and the same I think Munir..Creation comes in many forms.. and when we look closer many hold similar patterns Many thanks for your visit and comment.

  11. Wondering whether U r okay, friend Sue ... haven't heard from U in a while over here ... but will hunt u down in Ur garden ... smiles ... May 02 here now ... not much longer till I can work the earth and put it my garden ... usually do that on Victoria Day, which falls on May 23rd ... then everything grows so fast ... just like a honeymoon ... smiles ... Love, cat.