Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How Can we change Mass Consciousness?

I am always talking about the power of our thoughts and how they are very much underestimated and the tendency among light-workers is to think that we are individually too insignificant to make a difference. But with an understanding given to us by Ancient Wisdom, our thinking can be put in harmony with what we know of the Divine Plan, and within that plan, we can generate thought-forms of quality that can turn the battle with the Dark Forces/negative in our favour to that of the Light Forces/Positive..
We can change our world by sending out our thoughts like sowing them like seeds upon the wind, casting them out to all who will listen..
As world karma plays out, we, have the right to invoke light and help from the Spiritual Hierarchy. We forget that we need to ask for help from those Higher realms of existence.. We must remember we have Free Will and the Hierarchy cannot interfere unless we request that help...
We have to decipher the truth about what is going on, no matter what the mass media is telling us.  Let us turn around the seeds that the Dark Forces have planted within our minds.. For that is what they do.. They plant Fear to control us..
The mass consciousness exists on the lower mental plane, which works alongside our emotions with the astral plane.  They oscillate between mental and astral.  The mass consciousness then mirrors the fact that the vast majority of the earth's populations live according to emotional impulses and basic mental functions necessary to survive which provides ready fodder to the Dark Forces.
Mother Earth is at this moment helping bring about Compassion as we see the recent disasters.
The mass consciousness can reach more individuals than the mass media and can gain considerable momentum in shifting the balance of light and darkness on earth. It will touch the minds of people in their sleep, in quiet moments of contemplation during the day, in prayers, and even in the most unexpected moments of one's daily life. And as minds change, so will the rebalancing begin to manifest on the earth plane...
We all get caught up in the negative day to day events as we see them played out upon our TV screens and within our workplaces. And I am far from immune as this week I found my own plastid nature getting frazzled as work pressers and stress came boiling to the surface and I snapped at a colleague. I have to realise that as I too get caught up within the swirl of negative energies, I am only helping to contribute to those dark forces which is bringing such depression and a downward spiral to events around the globe as I too contribute to the thought stream..
I have to chose which kind of a world I want to create..So I have to learn to control my very thoughts, And think it into being accordingly and bring about my thoughts into positive Actions that generate Kindness and Peace, Compassion and LOVE..
So much Have I thought of this these past few days, I have to choose.. I need to separate myself from people and their negative conversations, of gossip mongering, and Woe-is-Me Syndrome. Not easy I know.. but each of us have to take responsibility, not only for our Actions, but we have to remember each action started with a thought.. 
 “Think and Think!------ And Grow”
So use those thoughts wisely and send them into the mass Consciousness without hatred, jealousies, and envy, But ask yourself How would you wish your life to be, and how would you wish yourselves to be treated.. Our thoughts Create.. Let us all create a Future we want our Children to Grow and survive in.. Not to be forever held in the grip of Fear...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rowing the Boat of Life!

Rowing boat on beach at Shanklin, IOW
Some of you may notice that there is great change in and around you.  If you are one of these people, you may find comfort in knowing you are not alone and that a new reality is being born amongst people around the world right now.
People are now saying they have had enough and are wanting change.. Just look around the world.. And it will get more prominent as the Energies around us change.

We’ve come to a place where we can no longer move forward in the life we have been living.  Consider the metaphor of a boat.  It has run its course and now we are all being asked to step out and into a faster, sleeker boat, one that offers a new beginning both internally and externally
I came to this step out of my comfortable boat several years ago, and still I feel the boat I am in rocking slightly.
For some of us releasing the old boat may seem natural, for others it may seem daunting, painful and emotional.  Some people are experiencing complete life makeovers, and others may be just changing one aspect of their life. But whatever, each of us is being called to something greater. 
For some it may mean a move to a bigger boat, a new home, location, new job, a different relationship? Whatever your new boat, it is you needing room to expand and grow. And for some we can’t fathom out what it is we do want, except that we know we need to follow that instinct that drives us and allow the Universe to work through us.
For myself I thought I’d got it all figured out..
I bought a book called ‘The Secret’ and for several months I thought ‘Way to go girl’, This is it, you can manifest your desires.. But then what happens when your desires change, or you just wake up with that ache that’s the most dominant thought? Am I then just not magnifying that pain by constantly thinking ‘I’m hurting’ and so I then make it complicated..

The very fact I’m writing this is because of the way all of those thoughts have manifested, The fact that I am now sharing those thoughts with you. We’re told, and I tell people just go with the flow of life, allow your boat to drift along and see where you land.. But that’s easier said than done, Especially when if you’re like me and like to do the navigating! Lol.

But one thing I do know.. a lot of us at this time whatever boat we are in are being hit by a New Wave in energy shifts. This wave has come to us because at some level we have asked for it. Our job is to surf it the best we can, for one thing I know for certain is that you get nowhere when you swim against the tide.

How you surf the wave is up to you.  I’m pretty sure we are all going to fall off our boards at least once, and we will definitely wobble a lot.  But know that whether you are surfing poorly or with deftness, you will be carried forward into a new reality.  It’s just that those who surf best will arrive first. 

Here are just some of the things we are experiencing at the moment..

…………  Feeling your heart energy open or expand
·         Feeling a deep sense of vulnerability or rawness
·         Feeling fear, loss or sadness
·         Having a hard time focusing; feeling light headed, scattered or vertigo
·         Excessive mind chatter
·         Feeling perceptual shifts, almost like you are regularly walking into new worlds or dimensions even though nothing has really changed externally
·         Feeling like time is speeding up, and like everything is intensifying
Deep emotional swings:  Up and down like the waves of the ocean, you may feel overwhelmed by the turbulence of this transition.  One moment you may feel deep sadness and fear, followed by a sense of O.K. ness, followed by inspiration and excitement, followed by fear again. 
External shifts: Whether it is a job, relationship, home environment, or location, we are being called to shift out of an old existence and into one that matches our current state of being/vibration.  As the new energy establishes itself within, its concomitant form will manifest into our reality. 

So How many of you out there have been experiencing the same?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Strength Within

Strength Within.

Where do we find the strength to carry our daily load?
When our burdens seemed too heavy along life’s rugged road?
From which deep well, do we draw up the water of our life?
When our troubles are too many and our lives are full of strife.
Our strength is right beside us, and is always shinning bright.
Our Lord will help and guide us. A burden shared is light.
The answers lie within us if we search that deep dark well.
For our beloved Spirit Farther in each of us do dwell.
So whenever you feel alone, troubled or afraid.
Remember the friends around you,
 And our Lord in whose image you were made.
By Dreamwalker