Monday, 14 October 2013

How Do We Put The World To Rights?

Confucius Sue Dreamwalker There are many who walk this pathway on our Earth journey, who finds themselves lost. Unable to see a clear path of where their journey is taking them.. As they scramble over the rocks in life, dragging themselves out of the pits of despair, as they get sucked deeper into the mires of debt, drugs, and depression, as their world around them seems to collapse which pulls them ever deeper into the dark forces of negativity. I see it every day on the streets, as I look into the faces of people who never smile, I see it in the devil may care attitude of some of our youth as they play havoc in a world where adults now seem to fear children for what they are becoming, with their ‘you can’t touch me’ attitude ‘I’m a minor’ and can get away with murder, which some do, and some have.. I look around at what the world in general has become, for the majority the rat race of who can accumulate the most in this throwaway society of food, goods, and that couldn’t care less attitude. And I despair for the future of our children’s children, as our communities are full of strangers, who view each other with suspicion, who lock their doors behind them, and who dare not look another in the eye, in case they be offended and shout abuse or rob you at knife point. Cities where we walk by those who stand begging, turning the other way, as we wonder if they are really genuine or do they leave their begging bowl and return to a plush home counting their takings for the day as we distrust each other and their motives..
Where have our Hearts gone?
When did the Care go from our lives?
When did we become strangers to one another?
And what can we do to put the world to rights?
First we need to take a good look at our reflections and put ourselves to rights then our communities will follow.. then our nations, and then our World… A tall order?
Confucius was a wise man when he uttered those words I quoted above..
Well  Today I got out the Mirror yet again.. … Care to join me?
Where would You start?
I know I can change no one other than myself! 
But I will keep sowing the Seeds…


  1. I do not think we can ever put the world right ... but I do think, I changed the world for this one person, I met in the elevator this morning ... because avoided eye contact, but I offered it to her, and smiled at her ,,, if anything ... this is how world peace would come about ... Love, cat.

    1. Cat I would imagine you would change ALL those you meet my wonderful friend xox ;-)

  2. these are true words.
    We have to be an example for the youth.
    First of all we must find the inner peace ourselves.
    Greetings Lilofee

    1. Liliofee Thank you for your comment, so true we need to find our own inner peace xox

  3. I am with you Sue! What a great write! This is exactly how I feel and what I talk about on Overview. We must find the "good" and "true" parts of ourselves and teach our children how to behave again. It starts with us.

    I was out yesterday doing errands and I am a people watcher and very friendly to strangers (the right ones.) I do my errands with a big smile on my face and people usually react back to me (even if they are frowning) with a beaming smile back. Try it next time you go out. I talk to strangers at the store, doctor, anywhere I go and there are good people out there! And they feel the same as us! It gives me some hope. It's just a shame in our society people get more attention by bad actions than good.

    Have a great day Sue, thinking of you friend!

    1. Hi Bekkie, late as usual, good to know you speak to strangers lol and make their day no doubt.. Lovely to have you visit xox

  4. Peace and love begin from within
    and are passed to others with a
    smile, a kind word, opening the
    door for someone, a hug.

    From there they get passed along
    to others who then in turn pay it

    Your words are always inspiring
    to other people Sue.

    sending you blessings of love and peace
    hugs Sharon

    1. Sharon, Many thanks for you Kind words, and apologies for only just getting around to replying to them xox

  5. Sue, there are many things wrong in the world, if we can only put one, tiny thing right--every one of us--the world would be much improved-and we would be encouraged to set another, larger thing right. The path is narrow; the minds of the greedy are even narrower--and the distrust shuts off possibilities. We can only hope; even the tiniest improvement could result in quantum change. Keep doing what YOU are doing, Sue...and smile at strangers, for without hearts opening to them, they are lost...

    1. Thank you Raymond, lovely to see you here and thank you for adding a smile to my own face today... One step at a time, One smile as we reach out and hopefully spread a little love :-)

  6. I like Cat's response up there, Sue. I think truly you can make change of energy in such small moments.

    I don't know if it is ever meant to be all is perfectly well, I just don't know. It seems so impossible. Yet, I love what you write here, Sue. I agree with you.

    Like the animated world, heart beating. :)

  7. Warm Greetings from cold and snowy Poland.

  8. Jeremiah in the Book of Lamentations expressed similar sentiments. He came to this conclusion; “You, O LORD, remain forever; Your throne from generation to generation. Turn us unto You, O LORD, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old.”