Friday, 21 January 2011

Watching Me


I sit within the wood this Night
And cast my thoughts to you
I see the many mysteries
That many think taboo
I hear the whispers of the wind
As they echo in the wood
My lips are sealed I will not speak
and yet you hear my cry
For my eyes they watch from high above
As the wind she gives a sigh.
The Shadows climb like ivy trails
Upon the the trunks smooth bark
A Shamans drum a beat of hearts
To drive away the dark
A voice is heard upon the wind
Its cry is from a girl
Who once did walk upon his path
Her journey to unfurl
She came to find a boy she'd lost
In times of long ago
She asked the trees to send her thoughts
Of where she now should go.
For aching heart she found his beat
In the Drum of the Shamans tune
The Tree did speak
To say She'd find him soon.
For there within the branches high
The Girl now could see 
The Face reflected back to her
Was Me. 

© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

Monday, 17 January 2011


The Little Folk
The woods were silent as the shadows fell.
Broken only by the pheasants cry a warning to tell
My footsteps in rhythm paced out their steps
As deeper I walked and the coldness it crept.

The ivy it clung to the trunks of the tree
Along with the frost, now my breath you can see
My heart was a pounding and rushed in my ears
As I breathed in the woodland her essence brought tears

Then out from its depth came a little old man
With a long beard of white from the Little Folks Clan
With bell on his hat and a spring in his step
He told me it was no coincidence we’d met

He spoke of the times in the summers of blue
He’d watched me walk among the flowers in dew
And how he would sit unseen by my tree
And meditate with me and it filled him with glee

I said ‘Why haven’t  I seen you before?’
“Why because now you are ready to open that door,
We have to be sure of your life’s good intent,
And to answer your questions the chief Elf me sent ..

We hold this woodland in sacred revere
And so too we know you hold these trees dear
We listen to your heart as it pours out its song
And so we give you our message for which you do long

It’s time that you Humans took stock of your lives
For all we are hearing are pitiful cries
When do you honour your land and your Seas?
Only when you do will you see the likes of me.

We are the guardians the Nymphs and the Sprites
Leprechauns and Fairies that hide from your sight
We’re busily working to help heal your land.
Now I’ve come to help you and hold out my hand.”

So I held out my hand to this lovely old Elf
And was whisked through the air to be all by myself.
To find myself sat with my back to my tree
With memories of the one who was once filled with glee

I gave a wide smile as I opened my eyes
And got up from my tree and gave thank to the skies
For no longer were they dark with shadows and gloom
But my heart gave a skip as I danced back  on home

So when you next go and walk in the wood
Be sure to take note , that your intent is good
And you never know as you lean on a tree
Just when the Little Folk will let  you see..

© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Shine Your Light.
From time to time along our way
We need to speak and have our say
In order that the lights do shine
Other people we need to remind.
Of all the folk whose lights are dim
Where struggle is hard and life is grim
They need to see beyond their walls
That many more in darkness toils.
The little beggar boy on street.....
In India who has no feet
In Africa  where wars still rage
And children starve with wide eyed gaze.
Where hope is lost and villages run
From evil men with drugs and guns
Yes time to time along the way
We need to speak and have our say.
Of Shanty towns and orphan waifs
The suffering is endless case by case.
I could go on and list some more
But maybe you would shut the door
As in your bubble you nicely live
You need to see you need to give.
If not your money then add your light
Open your hearts and see their plights
Look further than the end of your nose
And my words will count as poem I pose
If just one who reads my lines
Opens your hearts and let it shine...
Upon all those who are less fortunate than you
Your light will brighten the Worlds dim view
So dare to step outside your walls
And lift the darkness from serpent coils
Compassionate thoughts will add their swell
So come on give generously
Open your hearts see what I see
For when enough of us really awake
A better land then awaits
Where all are one and all are free
All I ask is
Shine your Light
With me.
© Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

Monday, 3 January 2011

The Quickening,


I often write about ‘Time’ in my poems and I’m sure each of us this past year has wondered just where ‘Time’ has flown.
Many books and theories have been written about the year of 2012 which is now fast approaching. And I have read many of these theories drawing my own conclusions to the many predictions foretold. Accepting what feels right and disregarding that which doesn’t.  My own personal view is that the
 Date of the 21st December 2012 will come and go,Much like the Millennia 
But the Millennia was for me my own personal turning point, and so too will  the Winter Solstice of 2012 hold much significance as the ending of the Mayan Calendar for many will depend upon our own awareness as Conscious Sentient Beings. 
For the changes we see occurring we are experiencing are Now.. The year 2012 the end of the Mayan Calendar for me represents the completion of a Cycle of time, a 26,000 yr passage on an energy level of our evolution and will herald in the ending of our unconscious cycles of death and rebirth.
For I believe this “Quickening” as some call it, while others call it ‘Judgement Day’, ‘ The Great Purification’, ‘ The Dawning of the New Age’ and others ‘The Second Coming’... Is the natural part of our transition into the next dimension of our evolution. The ‘End of Time’ doesn’t necessarily mean the ‘END’ but maybe just ‘Time’ as we know it..
Our Experience was to come and understand the physical form and all the emotions that entails. And for most part our experience has centred around our selves, as we have explored our Egos and our base human emotions of self have taken president. Our selfish greed has trampled over each other and Mother Nature in seeking our own self gratifications based upon our material possessions and carnal needs.
The cycle of change, “The Great Purification” where we will witness a tidal wave of change, not only in the climatic floods and extreme weather patterns we are now experiencing. But in the way our hearts will open up to the floods of emotions we see breaking into our everyday lives, which are so needed to clear and heal the imbalances of our world.
We will see the floods pass through our own consciousness, as it passes through our hearts and minds so it will clear away our Karmic debt which is also ‘Quickening’  as for many what goes around comes around more quickly.. 
We will find much chaos as unresolved Karma and emotions will be brought to the surface, as our thoughts into the consciousness is released.
The problem is we live with many ‘Fear’ based emotions, in fact many thrive on Fear, the ‘woo is me syndrome’, and gossip monger’s. We buy into the tabloids who are experts in fear mongering, some hanging onto their every printed word. And yet now these words are being exposed as many new truths will be unleashed which many will find hard to grasp or come to terms with.  As what has been hidden from us will slowly be revealed, and our education methods will be exposed as New Truths emerge of our ancestry.
I know around our world we are now seeing many who are rebelling, as we are seeing breakdowns in systems of governments, exposures to lies, and cover-ups. And the greed of our banking systems corrupt policies is exposed. 
The monetary   systems will hit everyone’s pocket, as our governments try to put right  in the next few years with their own ‘Cut backs’ as they try to rectify man’s greed which has eaten the core out of our societies and Hearts.
All of these things are the ‘Signs’ of the Quickening, we are witnessing them now with many more upheavals and emotional turmoil yet to experience.
The Birthing process is always going to be painful, and many will chose to turn their backs and bury their heads and buy into the ‘Fear’ of it all.. as the Woo is me syndrome takes its grip.. But each thought we create, creates its own reality, and for many their reality will be chaos..
2012 is a time of transition and we all have been given ‘Free Will’ in which we will chose are own experience , either to be swallowed up in the Fear Factor, or chose to commit to our own direction of our Future..
There will for me be no Divine intervention for our salvation, for in my opinion no one but ourselves can save ourselves from the destructive forces of selfish ways of greed and terror.
It is now in this time of our Quickening, to go within ourselves  and choose to start to live from the Heart. Our paths are neither right nor wrong, they are what each of us need at this time to experience.
No one has the Answers, No one is solely right. 
I only ask you to look within your hearts, for we are ALL upon the threshold of discovery. Fears are our natural reactions to situations we are unfamiliar with, and that reaction is either ‘Fight or Flee’ which we perceive as a threat.  And when our heart centres are opened, we naturally feel more vulnerable to that which we are unsure of..
My own simple message is to trust in your own instincts, not that of the herd. Face your own Fears, for many will present themselves as our emotions are tossed within the stormy seas of our transformation. Trust in your own inner voice, Not mine  or anyone else’s, Trust your own heart.. and follow where it leads.. For this is what will carry you forward when all else is stripped bare.
I feel we are all in for a period of transition, as we face our own chaotic storms as we do battle with letting our ego’s go..  And remembering who we are on our spiritual journey of transformation.
But remember all you have ever needed has always been with you, from your conception in Time, and it matters not what creed or indoctrinated thoughts we adhere to..  We are merely transcending to the next natural level on our evolutionary path.
We merely need to trust and follow our own natural instincts above all else. Instincts which we all need to get back in touch with. “ Know Thyself” and let the light of our Good Intent open our heart centres to each other and our Earth Mother, as she will carry us through to the next phase in our universal journey, as our Consciousness once again lifts us up to new heights of our experience.
So let us transcend to the next cycle of our existence..
© Sue Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.