Friday, 12 April 2013

Seasons~Poems and my Artwork

Oh mighty brothers that reach up high
Your branches swaying in breeze from sky
Tell me as I sit beneath your shade
What wisdom have you for me today..
Spring one with your leaves so fresh
Your colours of green replenish and re-fresh
Your blossoms shower us in petals so light
From winters sleep you grow in delight
Summer Oh how you please
As you rustle your full grown leaves
Your breath so pure so we may breathe
I pray this Earth you never leave
Autumn of golden rich fruits you carry
To sustain life in harvest berries
Fallen leaves and wood for the fire
Replenishing larders, of you I never tire
Winter with your ever-greeen
In your forests shelter you bring
Silent and tall as you sleep until Spring
Lets not forget our brothers the Tree
Hundred of years they stand still and ‘see’
Majestic and strong they give life to all
Save our trees don’t let them fall.
By Sue Dreamwalker 
Spring VortexSummer Vortex
Autumn GoldWinter Silence
Above are the paintings I did,while taking time out. Trees are so important, and I love nothing better to sit beneath a tree and meditate feeling its energy. Our Relationship to the Earth has changed as we have become more aware of how our actions can affect the balance of Nature, we are beginning to see ourselves as part of the Global Community and we are embracing a more heart-centred common goal of preservation. Trees are part of that community and we need to understand how important a part Tree’s play in our lives.. They not only bring us the very oxygen we breath, but they give homes to thousands of species of insects and birds providing not only food and shelter but the very habitat that those species need to survive, as well as food, fuel, and shelter for us Humans, When the trees start dying, then the insects have no home and also die, this has a knock on effect around the whole eco system.We must not forget we are part of that knock on effect. Trees teach us the importance of renewal as they shed their leaves and seeds, their outer achievements and find strength and vitality through a period of rest in the winter months, They teach us stillness, about slowing down, and finding contentment within. They show us the importance of having strong roots to maintain stability. We are destroying the lungs of the Earth as the many forests are cut down.. Hereis a site which explains what you can do to conserve Trees. Remember the ‘Standing Ones’ as they were once known, and let us remember they give us our very breath we breathe, we owe them a debt of gratitude. They need our respect. Enjoy your walks, Enjoy your Trees, and Enjoy Nature..
Blessings Sue Dreamwalker
Paintings are 38cms-20cms


  1. I liked your "Plight Of Our Seeds" on your other blog. I would of said something there, but no comments. I have always like the way the American Indians used and respected our world, unlike now. It makes me see why they lost their wars and got taken advantage of. So sad. Can I ask you to add my two websites to your list of blogs you like? It would sure help me get the word out on my blogspots. I also left you a reply on my site. XOXO

  2. Happy weekend Dreamwalker,

    I too feel the same about trees.
    I feel their pulse
    their intimate connection
    with the cosmos.

    When the exhale we appreciate
    each cleansing breath.

    Tree's are also used for
    medicinal purposes. Their
    bark and sap and root have
    nurtured and healed us
    for many centuries.

    As we once stood in the
    primordial forest and
    felt true peace with nature
    so can we find it this
    very day.

    This post has it all Sue
    the poetry and the art.
    You have captured the 4
    elements perfectly and
    reminded us of the mystical
    beauty of each season.

    We understand you have
    an affinity with our friends
    the trees...

    and that is just how
    it should be.

    What an insightful post.
    thank you for sharing.

    blessings of peaceful energy
    and light.

    hugs Sharon

    happy weekend.

    1. Sharon many thanks for your added energy upon my page. Many thanks for your words of encouragement and I send you Peace and love. May you enjoy your own Happy weekend :-)

  3. ...greetings and new kindred meet! ~ thee toO! ~ art a lover of the dryad`ic mysteries and wisdom dreamings! ~ awesome post! ~ blessed be! ~ dear gentle heart!...(0;

    1. Greetings Earthenmagic, so nice to meet and greet a kindred spirit.. Many thanks for leaving your fairy foot prints upon my page
      Sue :-)

  4. So lost right now ... in thoughts and memories ... it seem a never ending cycle, Sue .. I feel gratitude and dread ... all at the same time ... Want to see the green of spring so bad ... In the meantime I am breathing your words ... thank you, my lovely friend ... Always, cat.

    1. Never feel lost Cat my dear friend, Much of our past and pain is resurfacing as we are given chances of letting go. No one asks that we forget.But we need to embrace the moment of now.. our new beginnings. Love to you ~Sue x

  5. hello dear friend,
    my website here on blooger is gone with the wind..
    please visit me on "Wordpress"
    have a nice time
    greetings Lilofee

    1. Thank you and I have your WordPress site :-) Im am on WordPress more than Blogger here.. :-) xxx Love and Light Sue xox

  6. hello greetings Lilofee

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for brightening my day :-)

  8. Hello Sue. We are both friends of Cat, and get to know us through the blogging very many years. Nada is the name of my child by the I write. I myself am Eva. Maybe you can remember me ?! Wish you a harmonious Christmas time and a happy new year. Your loving comments for Cat accompany me too...


    1. Thank you Eva, apologies it has taken a while to reply.. I thank you for getting in touch Eva.. And I also apologise that I can recall an Eva, but not remember where from? But I meet and greet so many.. I so thank you for taking the time to make yourself known and for the lovely well wishes for the New Year..
      I hope also you have a wonderful 2016 may you be blessed in all you do..
      Blessings Sue