Tuesday, 12 April 2011




All through our lives we search for that illusive feeling

Some never find it, while others it sends reeling.

To crash through the floor or fly to dizzy heights

The thing that we all search for that creates so many plights

We kill for it, we lie for it. While some lay down their lives for it.

 As children we hold on tight to a Mother's warm embrace.

Through teenage blues we search some more with tears etched on our face.

If lucky when we're grown our searching will have ceased.

For some the lock is fastened as they search for their release.

Some seek it in religion and send their praises high.

Some believe in Karma denying with a sigh

But each of us from the moment we are born

Go searching for this elusive thing as it takes its many forms.

So what is this something we all crave?



Takes us from the cradle to the grave.

© Sue Dreamwalker 2010 All rights reserved.